How’s It Feel? (or) SUCK IT UP!

Aww poor babies- it’s a “mancession”. Yup- it’s a new word they invented- “mancession”- give me a break for crying out loud.

So what the hell is this crap? The recession (which we were told in 08 did not exist) is apparently affecting the boyz more than the wimminz.

‘Mancession’ Portends Depressing Future for Men

Societal and economic shifts may put more men in Western countries at risk for depression, scientists worry.

“Western men, particularly those with low education levels, will face a difficult road in the 21st century,” write the authors of an editorial in the March issue of The British Journal of Psychiatry. “It may be more difficult, on average, for men to adjust to a domestic role than for women to adjust to a work role.”


The recent economic downturn has been dubbed the “Mancession” for its disproportionate effect on traditional male industries, such as construction and manufacturing. Meanwhile, women are outpacing men in the pursuit of undergraduate and graduate degrees and becoming a larger share of primary household earners.


If men are innately less suited to care for young children and maintain households, then their increased contribution in this area could lead to lowered self-esteem and more depression.


Even so, “men in the changing economy will still face the same risks for depression that women faced in older economies: trapped in a family role from which they cannot escape because of an inability to find employment,” the researchers write.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????  There is so much baloney in there I could make sandwiches for the entire population of a small country. Let’s see-  more difficult for men to adjust to a domestic role than for women to adjust to work? Do you see the sexism there?  The underlying sentiment is that “domestic role” is NOT work. Because for all of history that role has been mostly filled by women. Perhaps the reason it is easier for women to adjust to a paying job is because we are multi-taskers. Cook, nurse, maid, gardener, laundress, secretary, accountant and mother.

Next bit of sexism up- more women are going to college and earning degrees. Putting the boyz at a disadvantage how? It’s only ok for them to compete for jobs when they are competing against other boyz? And it depresses the poor things if the little woman earns a higher salary? (Given the new findings that we have progressed to making .75 on the dollar compared to men I say TOUGH!)

Shall we go on? Men are less suited to child care and housework and so they are at higher risk for depression and lowered self esteem if they are required to assume those roles? There we go again- taking care of children and doing housework is lowly, unimportant work and therefore not worthy occupations for the boyz. It is just dandy for the womenz though.

And this is a gem- the poor menz- they will face the same risk of depression as thousands of generations of women before them who were “trapped in a family role from which they cannot escape….”

The whole thing is sickening in the face of this-

(CNN) — The earnings gap between men and women has narrowed, but a new White House report shows that on average women still only make about 75% as much as their male counterparts.

The report released Tuesday shows that women have not only caught up with men in college attendance but in fact have surpassed them, yet that gain hasn’t translated into the pocketbook. Statistics also show women are more likely than men to live in poverty.

You can read the entire Women in America report here.

Meanwhile I say to the menz- quit your whining and WOMAN UP!


The Vatican Nightmare: WOMEN PRIESTS! « Another Voice

I do not normally blog about the Church, my church- but once again- AGAIN! My church has hurt me. Women who wish to be ordained and those who ordain them are now criminals in THE SAME LEAGUE with the PEDOPHILE priests!

Why oh why do I stay in this church? I must be out of my mind. But I KNOW who the first person was to whom Jesus gave the great commission. The first person to whom he appeared after the Resurrection. The one to whom He said- “Go and tell…” (the men were all hiding and quaking in their sandals.)

Apparently, the Church of Rome doesn’t know yet. {sigh}

The Vatican Nightmare: WOMEN PRIESTS! « Another Voice.

It’s been 50 Years- Where is the Pill for men?

Cruising the news I ran across this little blurb.

The pill: Birth-control revolution

started 50 years ago

Enovid, the first pill, contained about 150 micrograms of estrogen and 10 milligrams of progestin — the two hormones used to stop ovulation.
It worked, but some women who took it complained of headaches and suffered an increased risk of blood clots, stroke and heart attacks, especially if they were older than 35 and they smoked.
Here is the sidebar from the article- take a gander- How many of you remember these events?
– May 9, 1960: FDA announces its approval of the first oral contraceptive, Enovid, which quickly became known as “the pill.”
– June 7, 1965: Supreme Court rules states cannot deny birth-control materials to married people.
– January 1970: U.S. Senate begins hearings on the safety of the pill.
– March 22, 1972: Supreme Court strikes down a law banning the distribution of contraceptives to unmarried people.
– Early 1980s: Nearly 11 million American women are on the pill.
– 1988: FDA urges companies to remove the original high-dose oral contraceptives from the market because of safety concerns.
– September 1992: First magazine ads for the pill appear.
– May 2007: FDA approves first birth control pill meant to stop women’s monthly periods indefinitely.
– March 2010: New study suggests women who took the birth-control pill beginning in the late 1960s live longer than those who never took the pill.
SOURCE: Associated Press
I added the bold and italics to that one line. Safety concerns- uh huh- what? Like they figured out the high dose pill was causing some of us to keel over and die from blood clots?  Seems not much has changed- do a search  for this “Birth Control Warnings” or just listen to the ads on TV- still the same problems- blood clots, stroke, heart attack etc etc etc.
We weigh the risks and hopefully make informed decisions. Then we roll the dice. Birth control that might kill us, unwanted pregnancy, abortion- our options are far greater than our mothers and grandmothers.
I just want to know where the MALE birth control pill is- you know- the one that will stop sperm production? Oh- damn- that’s right- the MEN doing the research are far more interested in creating and MARKETING things like Viagra and Cialis. Drugs that enable men to continue spreading their seed hither and yon. Drugs that are making the Pharmaceutical companies a gazillion dollars. Who cares if the wimminz have to take birth control that just might have serious adverse health effects? We are, after all, just women. How can we expect a drug to be developed that might interfere with the man parts? After all, it’s those yucky wimminz parts that get pregnant- sheesh.  And speaking of yucky parts- they have developed yet another pill – one that keeps all that monthly mess away. After all- if you are not going to perform your first function as an incubator you may as well be available 24/7 365 for your other function- the sexual gratification of the men folk- right? Right??
I am waiting for the Male Birth Control pill. And waiting, and waiting…..

Women’s History Month and your open thread!

I popped around looking for info on Women’s History Month and found that this-

About This Year’s Theme

Writing Women Back into History

The overarching theme is “Writing Women Back into History.” In celebration of their 30th anniversary, the National Women’s History Project will be highlighting themes and honorees from previous years. Each of these past themes recognizes a different aspect of women’s achievements, from ecology to art, and from sports to politics.

Writing women back into history- well about time somebody noticed we got written out! (Personally I always thought Eve got screwed- even then the man could not take responsibility for his own actions! And so he lied!) The home page has some good links as well.

From the National Women’s History Project

The history of women often seems to be written with invisible ink. Even when recognized in their own times, women are often not included in the history books.

Check out their resource center tab and click on the biographies section! It is quite extensive!

My teachers and the town librarians in our little burg where I grew up must have been ahead of the times! I can remember reading biographies of Abigail Adams, Clara Barton, Florence Nightingale and Marie Curie even before 4th grade! (And this was LONG before any politician ever thought of honoring ANY woman!) But then again, the teachers and librarians were women, who in their own quiet way, were trying to let me know women can aspire, learn, grow and ACHIEVE!

My thanks to Mrs. Marshall, Ms. Tierney, Mrs. Bolton, Mrs. McCarthy (first through fourth grade teachers), Mrs. Maguire (Girl Scout troop leader- who took us on many a tomboy adventure and to whom I owe my initial wilderness survival skills)  and most of all to my Mom and my Nana. Both always said and believed that in America you can be anything you want to be! (And yes! They believed a woman would one day be President and do it better!)

What woman was special to you???


From the BBC news-

Afghanistan Taliban ‘using human shields’ – general

And guess who these bastards are using as shields?? I’ll wait while you think about it.

Gen Mohiudin Ghori said his soldiers had seen Taliban fighters placing women and children on the roofs of buildings and firing from behind them.

And of course they are also hiding in homes and mosques- supposed house of worship.  Great, just F*#*ing great! These sorry excuses for human beings place so little value on their woman and children that they hide behind them!

What are our troops supposed to do? After all, our troops have an aversion to killing innocent civilians- unlike these Islamofascist pigs who delight in flying airplanes into buildings and killing thousands of innocents. How do you fight these bastards?

And our puppet president is on Tee-Vee talking about how great he is, how great the stimulus is, how horrible his opponents are. Anything on cowards hiding behind women and children??? Anything??? What should I expect from an administration that thinks it can extend the hand of peace to these maniacs?