Fort Hood Hearings and more on Military Voting

Check this out-

FORT HOOD — A soldier testifying in an evidentiary hearing here Friday for Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan said he erased a cell phone video shot during the melee on the orders of his commanders.

Are you having the same WTF moment I had? Good! How can this be? Has this whole country including the military gone totally batshit politically correct crazy? Evidence was erased??????????  Here is another snippet from the same article.

Under cross-examination by John Galligan, the lead defense attorney, Aviles was asked if he had made a video of the shooting from his cell phone. He also was asked if he had deleted the images at the instruction of an officer and an NCO.

“Yes sir,” Aviles replied.

Col. Diane Battaglia, executive officer to Maj. Gen. William Grimsley, Fort Hood’s top commander, said the general hadn’t seen reports filed by military police in the case and was unaware of Aviles erasing video of the shooting from his phone.

I want to know who the hell ordered that video erased AND I want to know what it showed. The troops giving testimony at this hearing ALL agree it was Hasan. Many have testified that he screamed the standard Islamofascist terrorist cheer before opening fire.

WHY was that video erased? What was in that video? And for that matter – why the hell is Hasan still on this planet? Evidentiary hearing? The slaughter occurred when? Let’s get the court-martial over with and line that bastard up in front of the wall and be done with it already.

Next item on my WTF list for this weekend- the disenfranchisement of our troops overseas. If you missed my original rant on this travesty you can check it out here.  Now there is more news on that front.

A little background is necessary I think. Obama was a junior Senator from Illinois. A whack job governor went to trial for trying to sell Obama’s vacated seat. Said seat is now up for grabs- and the Democrats are in trouble all over the place. How embarrassing would it be if the Dims lost that seat? Everybody still with me?  Imagine how NOT stunned I was to see this in the news.

BELLEVILLE, Ill. (AP/KMOV) — At least one county in Illinois admits its ballots to military personnel weren’t mailed on time.

That’s as the U.S. Department of Justice is checking on the issue in Illinois and has brought lawsuits in other states.

St. Clair County Clerk Bob Delaney says about 1,100 absentee ballots to military personnel didn’t get mailed by the Sept. 18 deadline. Most of those voters are connected to Scott Air Force Base.

I am beyond disgusted. And by the way- military personnel tend to vote Republican. The troops putting their lives on the line to protect us all don’t get a vote.  But Meanchelda gets a pass when she “electioneers” inside a polling place.
Will the political parties never cease to find ways to disenfranchise voters? Hanging chads,the Supreme Court deciding a Presidential election,  Black Panthers intimidating voters, ACORN registering Mickey Mouse, giving one candidate’s delegates to a fraud and the list just keeps on growing with every election.


He is going where?

This snuck under the radar during all the hype the past few days. Or perhaps it was done now in hopes of it sneaking by unnoticed?

Hundreds of thousands to be spent for Hasan in Bell County

You remember Hasan don’t you? The Islamofascist that killed so many brave Americans down there at Fort Hood? The one we are not supposed to call a terrorist?

by John Cuoco

BELTON – It was announced Monday that Major Nidal Hasan would be returned to Bell County. The contract between Bell County and the U.S. Military was obtained by News Channel 25 on Tuesday.

The 17-page contract will move the Fort Hood shooting suspect from Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio to the Bell County Jail in Belton as a high-value inmate. He is expected to stay in Belton until September of 2010.

For that six-month period of incarceration, the price tag is $206,796.30, which the military would pay Bell County.

His lawyer and I agree on only one thing-

“The price tag agreed upon ($206,796.30), is a total waste of tax payer money.

Correct! So quit wasting tax payer money and prop this Islamofascist piece of shit up in his wheelchair, wheel him to the wall and shoot his sorry ass.

What Mr. Lawyer- you were expecting pity? You want me to feel sorry because Hasan the soldier killer is paralyzed and has to wear Depends for the rest of his (hopefully very short) pitiful life?

Well asshole- I am a proud military mom and I don’t feel sorry for him and I won’t. And why is Hasan-the-should-be-dead-terrorist going to a jail anyway? I just googled it and Fort Leavenworth is still there.  U.S. Disciplinary Barracks– Oh and look!

The United States Disciplinary Barracks (USDB) at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas is the only maximum security correctional facility in the Department of Defense. It is the oldest penal institution in continuous operation in the Federal system. Operations started in May 1875 at the United States Military Prison (later renamed USDB) and continues to this date.

A new state-of-the-art, 515-bed, USDB became operational in September 2002 replacing the old stone wall and brick castle. The USDB staff includes both civilian and service members of the Military Police Corps, Adjutant General Corps, Medical Corps, Medical Service Corps, Corps of Engineers, Chaplain Corps, Judge Advocate General Corps, the United States Marine Corps, the United States Air Force, and the United States Navy, working to achieve a progressive correctional community.

Gee a state of the art brand new facility with everything we seem to need. Medical Corps, Chaplains if he thinks Allah listens to cold-blooded terrorists, the Judge Advocate General’s office and some soldiers to shoot him. Good-

Save the taxpayers some money and send Hasan to Leavenworth. Court martial him, try him for treason and shoot him- SOON! let him be a lesson to any other Islamofascist hiding in the military.