How Starbucks (DIS)respects Our Troops- Updated x 2


FINALLY! A response from the manager! I responded to him and let him know my Daughter in Law has shipped out to Afghanistan and he is to relay all info to me and I will pass it on to her! Thanks to all who have been e-mailing and passing this around! We WILL get action!


Dear xxx,


Thank you for advising me of this situation.  I would like to investigate this further, could you have your daughter-in-law contact me by email, I just need to find out when the visit was (what day and the time of the day) and which Starbucks, we operate three at the airport.  From that information I can find out who the cashier was.  I would also like to send her some coupons she can use in the future.


Thanks for writing,




My daughter in law has spent the last two months doing a combat skills refresher course in preparation for deployment to Afghanistan. She was fortunate to get a weeks leave to come home and see her family before she heads out to GoatF*&kistan. Her flight home left out of Indianapolis International Airport and the military way is to have everybody at the airport at oh dark thirty. She arrived at the airport and cleared security and wanted a coffee. She had plenty of time before her flight so proceeded to the Starbucks outlet. WHERE-

A Starbucks employee wearing the Muslim required head garb refused to accept her good American cash. “Debit or Credit” seemed to be all she could say. No cash accepted.

NO CASH? Excuse me but does our money not say “Legal Tender for all debts public and private”?

I have some questions. Does this company have the right to refuse American money on American soil?


Was this employee perhaps just disrespecting a person dressed in the uniform of our country’s military?

I have sent an e-mail to Starbucks headquarters. Perhaps you all can help me. Here is the info from the receipt- will you e-mail or call the manager and help correct this injustice?

Starbucks A

Indianapolis International Airport

date of purchase 5/28/2011

(I assume this next is the employees name and I have edited it out- so as not to be sued when they tell me this never happened) Thanks for the tip Uppity!

Manager Steve G Thomas

Phone 317-241-6224 ext 11

His e-mail

Hell of a way to start your leave on Memorial Day weekend no? I will NEVER purchase a Starbucks product again.


Well at least Nunly got a reply from the store manager- me? NOT. I e-mailed him as I want to have a record of what he says.


I did get a reply to my e-mail to their corporate customer care center asking for more info. I called and spoke to a person who sounded like a twenty something year old.

He went to great lengths and repeated over and over again that Starbucks does not own that unit.

OK then- it is a franchised unit. As if that excuses the problem?

We went round and round with that- with me asking if that somehow made it ok. He explained that not accepting cash is not a Starbucks policy but they have no control over the franchisee.


At that point I politely lit him up. I let him know I had worked in the restaurant industry all my life- and I understand very well how franchising works. Yes they most certainly do have a degree of control. For example- Starbucks franchisees can not go to the local grocery store and buy generic store brand coffee and pass it off as Starbucks (though in my opinion it might taste better).

I made it very clear that it is STARBUCKS name and reputation on the line and that even franchise employees represent Starbucks.

The young man on the phone told me “the airport” owns the unit. I believe hmshost owns it- and hmshost is an airport food sevice company. Let him go on the internet to figure it out. I already knew that.

Which brings us to the end of the conversation. I let him know that even though I am over the age of thirty I have a Facebook account and know how to use a blog. I let him know there will be a HUGE stink if I do not hear from someone at the corporate level about how this is going to be addressed.

He THEN took all the info I have from the receipt and I expect to be hearing from the district manager within the next 48 hours.

Going up the line now.

I will keep you all posted.