Good format!

Found this in my intertubz journey this morning and liked it as it prints the questions and answers of the D and R candidates without editorializing or comment that I can see. Perhaps a reader could kindly inform me if this is some far wing (left or right) outfit? I like the side by side- and that each got exactly the same question. Too bad the msm does not use the same format. But that would be RAYCIST /s.

The Top American Science Questions: 2012

Candidates readily debate jobs and the economy even though they are not economists; they debate foreign policy and military intervention even though they are not diplomats or generals; they debate faith and values even though they are not priests or pastors. We call on the candidates for President to also debate these Top American Science Questions that affect all voters’ lives.

The questions cover a range from research and innovation to climate change and energy. I am going to spend some time going through all the questions and responses- at first glance it seems Romney had much longer answers. I am at a disadvantage here- I don’t know if this organization is a leftie gotcha group- or if Obama just gave short shrift to the answers?

It will be interesting reading none the less.