Veteran’s Day

Freedom is NOT FREE! We are The Land of the Free, BECAUSE of the Brave!  Today we remember our veterans. Home or deployed, they fight for our freedoms. Our freedom to express dissenting views, to worship or not as we please, to peaceably assemble. I wish the press would understand and respect that the troops fight for freedom of the press- and that they would respect and use that freedom responsibly by reporting FACTS- all the facts. But that is another post.
As my online friends know my son and daughter in law are active duty military. Daughter in law is currently deployed in Afghanistan. For years and years and years now (has my son really been in 20 yrs? Where did all that time go?) I have made it a habit to include extra in their Christmas boxes if they are deployed. Why? To give to the troops who may not receive a card or package for the holidays. Some have no family to send them anything. Some are young troops whose families may not yet know that holiday mailings to a deployment location overseas have to go out in the priority mail bags by the third week of November at the latest to ensure Christmas delivery. I usually put in a few small things- a card, an extra tin of cookies, some playing cards, a Reader’s Digest or a paperback or two. All wrapped in holiday paper, with a blank tag for “my” troop to fill out for their friend who did not get a package. Silly? I don’t think so.
You can join in and thank a soldier as well. The Red Cross runs a Holiday Mail for Heroes program. Join in won’t you?

The process is very simple and takes no time at all – All you need is a pen and piece of paper to share your appreciation for the sacrifices members of the U.S. Armed Forces make to protect our freedoms The Holiday Mail for Heroes mail box is open and ready to receive for your cards. Please send all mail to:

Holiday Mail For Heroes
P.O. Box 5456
Capitol Heights, MD 20791-5456

Sending a “touch of home” to American men and women who serve our country is the perfect way to express your appreciation and support during the holiday season.

Many VFW posts and various churches and civic groups run collection drives for the troops. Great way to support the troops if you can not afford to send a whole package. Most will have wish list items- check it out and lend a hand please! Say thank you to our women and men in the military!