It’s been 50 Years- Where is the Pill for men?

Cruising the news I ran across this little blurb.

The pill: Birth-control revolution

started 50 years ago

Enovid, the first pill, contained about 150 micrograms of estrogen and 10 milligrams of progestin — the two hormones used to stop ovulation.
It worked, but some women who took it complained of headaches and suffered an increased risk of blood clots, stroke and heart attacks, especially if they were older than 35 and they smoked.
Here is the sidebar from the article- take a gander- How many of you remember these events?
– May 9, 1960: FDA announces its approval of the first oral contraceptive, Enovid, which quickly became known as “the pill.”
– June 7, 1965: Supreme Court rules states cannot deny birth-control materials to married people.
– January 1970: U.S. Senate begins hearings on the safety of the pill.
– March 22, 1972: Supreme Court strikes down a law banning the distribution of contraceptives to unmarried people.
– Early 1980s: Nearly 11 million American women are on the pill.
– 1988: FDA urges companies to remove the original high-dose oral contraceptives from the market because of safety concerns.
– September 1992: First magazine ads for the pill appear.
– May 2007: FDA approves first birth control pill meant to stop women’s monthly periods indefinitely.
– March 2010: New study suggests women who took the birth-control pill beginning in the late 1960s live longer than those who never took the pill.
SOURCE: Associated Press
I added the bold and italics to that one line. Safety concerns- uh huh- what? Like they figured out the high dose pill was causing some of us to keel over and die from blood clots?  Seems not much has changed- do a search  for this “Birth Control Warnings” or just listen to the ads on TV- still the same problems- blood clots, stroke, heart attack etc etc etc.
We weigh the risks and hopefully make informed decisions. Then we roll the dice. Birth control that might kill us, unwanted pregnancy, abortion- our options are far greater than our mothers and grandmothers.
I just want to know where the MALE birth control pill is- you know- the one that will stop sperm production? Oh- damn- that’s right- the MEN doing the research are far more interested in creating and MARKETING things like Viagra and Cialis. Drugs that enable men to continue spreading their seed hither and yon. Drugs that are making the Pharmaceutical companies a gazillion dollars. Who cares if the wimminz have to take birth control that just might have serious adverse health effects? We are, after all, just women. How can we expect a drug to be developed that might interfere with the man parts? After all, it’s those yucky wimminz parts that get pregnant- sheesh.  And speaking of yucky parts- they have developed yet another pill – one that keeps all that monthly mess away. After all- if you are not going to perform your first function as an incubator you may as well be available 24/7 365 for your other function- the sexual gratification of the men folk- right? Right??
I am waiting for the Male Birth Control pill. And waiting, and waiting…..