Personal Income Drops? Really?

And we needed somebody to tell us?

Personal income in 42 states fell in 2009, the Commerce Department said Thursday.

I think most of us had that figured out- but thanks for the confirmation.

An interesting thing in that article- check out the interactive map. You can see state by state numbers.  There is a link to another  Wall Street Journal article –

Overview 2009: Income,

Population, Jobs and Home Prices

by State

Overall U.S. per capita income dropped 2.6% to about $31,000. Connecticut, home to many of the titans of finance, continued to be the state with the highest per capita income in the nation at $54,000, but it was in the top 10 in terms of declines from 2008 with a 3.3% drop. Wyoming had the largest personal income drop in the country at 5.9%. Only four states posted gains in per capita personal income with West Virginia coming out on top with a 1.8% increase, though it has seventh lowest level in the nation.

Wow- where would we be without the “news” to tell us we are all going broke?

I published this and went out to physical therapy and when I came back there was a comment in the spam filter. An ad for a payday loan thing! If it wasn’t so pitiful I would laugh!

Also found this-

How to Gauge Your Middle-Class Status

Despite the so-called recovery, many families continue to struggle, with income and other living standards slipping below thresholds that typically represent middle-class quality of life. We’ve assembled a variety of metrics to help determine whether you’re getting ahead, holding steady, or slipping further than most.

And I also found this-

7 Stressors Sapping the Middle Class

We all know about keeping up with the Joneses. Now, the Great Recession and the jobless recovery have introduced a new socioeconomic phenomenon: slip-sliding with the Smiths.

Working harder for less is the new normal–for those lucky enough to have a job. Millions of families are giving up comforts they long took for granted, such as restaurant meals, new clothes, vacations, spacious cars, home improvements, and cable television. College funds and retirement savings have taken a hit, and some families have been forced to downsize their homes or, worse, submit to foreclosure. Little wonder that record numbers of Americans tell pollsters it’s getting harder to get ahead and that they worry their kids’ standard of living may fall rather than rise.

Thanks- I needed to hear that.

What the hell? Is this the new meme to be spread around to the masses? Trying to get us used to the idea that soon there will BE NO middle class?

They don’t need to tell most of us- we already know- we are living it.