I saw a link to this story over on Facebook- with the typical liberal doom and gloom “Oh My God! The Poor are going to DIE!” bs.
Our Family will lose $44 in Food Stamps
Well it’s CRAP! The family of four adults gets $800! Yup EIGHT HUNDRED dollars a month in food stamps! And this lady can’t make it through a month? Get REAL!  $800 is PLENTY to feed a family of four. PLENTY! (And as to why her pregnant adult daughter can not watch the baby of the OTHER adult daughter so she could get a job? THAT is another post!)

Yup- I could do that. Years and years ago I fed my boys and self on food stamps when my benefit for the 3 of us was $205 a month. And I did it. Was it easy? No. Some strategies were necessary. Starting with NO JUNK. No sugary cereal. No store-bought cookies. No soda or chips or candy. No prepared foods like spaghetti in a can or canned soups. Absolutely NO brand name things unless you have a coupon that brings the price below the store brand. Snacks were perhaps carrot sticks, an apple, celery with PB. Raisins. A big treat was plain nacho chips with block cheese grated over the top and popped in the oven. Gee- my house was THE go to home for good eats for my boys friends; they LOVED those nachos lol. Tuna casserole. Eggs- cheap and nutritious protein. Home made oatmeal cookies. Oatmeal – NOT instant in individual packages. Very nutritious and filling. Chili.  A chicken would make AT LEAST three meals. Who needs Bisquick? Make your own and save a LOT of money. Keep a good basic pantry with flour, baking powder and baking soda. Yeast. Make your own bread. Purchase seasonal items. Potatoes and rice- always filling and potatoes are chock full of vitamins and minerals. Try to get yourself and your family in the habit of eating the skins too. Waste nothing. Watch for sales and buy in bulk when possible. For example- if chicken is on sale- buy extra and freeze it. Do not pay extra for cut up chicken-check the price. If whole chicken is cheaper- buy whole and cut it up yourself. Same with pork and beef. Buy big and cut it down. Save the ends of celery and carrots in a bag in the freezer for stock. DO NOT take children with you to the grocery store. Shop only twice a month. (I had a milkman back then so it made it easier but milk can be frozen and there is always powdered milk.) When apples are cheap in the fall- buy a lot and make your own applesauce and apple butter. Make up apple pie filling and freeze it. Same with pears. Same with peaches. Get it while it is cheap and learn how to preserve it. Most vegetables freeze very well. Buy vegetables in season and learn how to blanch and freeze. Watch price differences on fresh vs frozen vs canned. Not a big fan of canned vegetables- too much salt- but if it is the cheapest per pound go for it. Many times frozen vegetables price per pound is cheaper than fresh and just as nutritious. On the subject of frozen- milk can be frozen too. How about powdered or canned milk? Is it cheaper per gallon?

Popcorn. Regular old plain popcorn. NOT microwaveable in a bag portions of popcorn. Why pay extra for convenience and packaging? While I’m at it- let’s make SNAP like WIC- ONLY nutritious food. NO soda, chips, cookies or other junk. It is supposed to be a NUTRITION assistance program.

Could I do it today? I would say I probably could. I still shop only twice a month and average $48 per trip. Husband shops at the alternate stores weekly and spends about $35 a trip.  We have the luxury of having an Aldi’s and a bent and dent store in the area. When I go to the store I head first for the marked down produce. I can often get oh luxury of luxury! Mushrooms at half off. Last shopping trip there were five packages of bananas marked down from 59 cents a pound to 39 cents a pound. I bought four packages. We ate one, I made a big batch of banana bread mini loaves- we ate one loaf and froze the rest for holiday giving. I froze the rest of the bananas for later baking and smoothies.

We save all year to buy a whole hog or lamb at the 4-H market auction in August. This year we got a whole hog for $2 a pound. That was $440  for the animal and then .45 a pound for the local processor to get it ready for the freezer. After processing and loss from the processing we paid about $3.66 a pound for pork. Pork enough for us for one year and some to give to church.

A few years back a CNN producer took the food stamp challenge– and bought chicken breasts? Lady are you kidding me? Chicken breasts? See the above- you buy a WHOLE chicken. Unless the chicken breasts were marked down to less than the cost of a whole chicken or less than legs and thighs.

Quit with the boo hoo bs before you start on me about food deserts and all that BS. Every city I know of has a farmer’s market and most all accept food stamps. Why not pitch in together on gas and get to a grocery store? God Forbid I should suggest that perhaps churches and other organizations could maybe run a van out to the grocery stores a couple of times a month? When I was on hard times my friends and I would chip in together to buy big bulk packs and split them up at home. Can the current recipients get together and do the same?

Quit enabling people to feel sorry for themselves and pointing out how life sucks for them. Teach them how to succeed with what they have and how to strive to make it better. Stop trying to make people who CAN afford a more varied diet feel guilty. Stop trying to frighten people. And forget about trying to make ME feel sorry for them. I believe we should help people out- OUT of poverty. NOT leave them there with no skills. And helping people out does not mean they get everything the working class or wealthy people get.

Oh and the lady in the CNN story lives in Florida. How about planting a garden lady? How about giving up some of those lovely potted plants and putting the pots to good use growing FOOD?

And quit with the BS of Congress people and “journalists”  not giving the whole picture. It serves nothing but to promote an agenda.

I challenge ANY journalist or Congress critter to come here and I will show them how it is done and done well. I challenge the “journalists” to state FACTS- ALL of them- not just the sensationalized agenda promoting ones.

Hey! He Stole MY idea!

For a very long time I have advocated limiting what Food Stamps can buy. Oops- it’s not “Food Stamps” anymore – it’s “SNAP”, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. NUTRITION! If I am going to be shelling out tax dollars to help people I will be damned if my tax dollars should be helping people buy  junk with no nutritional value and oh by the way engorging the profits of companies like Coke, Pepsi and Frito-Lay.

New York Asks to Bar Use of Food Stamps to Buy Sodas

Mayor  Michael R. Bloomberg sought federal permission on Wednesday to bar New York City’s 1.7 million recipients of food stamps from using them to buy soda or other sugared drinks.

Wait! What’s that noise?

The world would be better, I think, if people limited their purchases of sugared beverages,” Mr. Hacker said. “However, there are a great many ethical reasons to consider why one would not want to stigmatize people on food stamps.”

Oh I recognize it now. It’s the sound of the crybaby ACLU types screaming “DISCRIMINATION!” How dare we taxpayers want to limit the ability of the poor and needy to buy junk on our dimes? Boo Frickin Hoo asshole. Stigmatize. Hmph. Try being one of the working poor who does not qualify for any assistance and forgoes soda, candy, chips and the like. Try for just one minute you self-righteous idiot to imagine how it feels to be in line behind one of the recipients of our tax dollars who just happens to have a grocery cart full of soda, cookies, chips, and sugar laden cereal that many taxpayers can not afford. DING DING DING! A Winner!

Dr. Farley and the state’s health commissioner, Dr. Richard F. Daines, said in an Op-Ed article in The New York Times on Thursday that the ban would not reduce the ability of food-stamp recipients to feed their families. “They would still receive every penny of support they now get, meaning they would have as much, if not more, to spend on nutritious food,” Dr. Farley and Dr. Daines wrote. “And they could still purchase soda if they choose — just not with taxpayer dollars.”

As noted in the article, the SNAP program already prohibits certain items such as prepared foods and alcoholic beverages. I would add that the WIC program severely limits what items can be purchased. WIC can be used for milk, cheese, peanut butter, milk and non sugared cereals. Who cares who had the idea? Get it done!

Bauer is a pig- BUT—–

It seems we have another contestant in the biggest pig contest! South Carolina Republican Lt. Gov. André Bauer,  candidate for Governor. Regrettably, Bauer has likened giving government assistance to “feeding stray animals.”

“At a town hall meeting Thursday in northwestern South Carolina, Bauer noted his grandmother “told me as a small child to quit feeding stray animals. You know why? Because they breed.”

Bauer claims to have used a poor choice of words- now where have we heard that excuse recently?

It is unfortunate that Bauer used those words in trying to bring attention to what he calls “a culture of dependency.”  Bauer notes that schools with the highest poverty rates have the poorest performance and that there are links between poverty, lack of parental involvement and poor student performance. Well DUH!

Bauer claims to want to require those receiving benefits to “give something back,” go to PTA meetings and parent teacher conferences.

Well, I have a better idea André. Believe it or not I also believe America is creating a culture of dependency. I was fortunate to have the smarts to recognize when I was down and out that government benefits are supposed to be temporary- a “hand up and out” of poverty. (I was lucky – Bill Clinton was in power when my ex left me with the kids and no child support.) Let’s start fixing the system – starting with Food Stamps.

Back in the day I received $205 a month to feed myself and my kids. Yup that’s two hundred and five dollars a month! I did it and my kids ate good nutritious food- not junk! But I already knew about budgeting and nutrition. The Food Stamp program has nothing in place to teach recipients how to shop, how to budget, how to make nutritious meals using low-cost proteins. Additionally, the USDA, the government agency in charge of Food Stamps- (oops- I guess that is so wrong- it’s now called S.N.A.P.- Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program-) has no restrictions on what foods can be purchased with the benefits. Perhaps the most effective change we could make to SNAP would be to model it similar to W.I.C. The W.I.C. program is very strict about what foods are allowed. Only healthy nutritional foods!

How many times have you gone into the grocery store and been in line behind a person whose cart is loaded with soda pop, chips, steak, cookies, sugar loaded cereal and convenience foods only to find them swiping their government benefit card? Maybe politically incorrect of me- but sorry folks- you CAN’T AFFORD IT! AND- most of that junk is not good for your kids! How many times have you been at the convenience store and seen EBT cards used for subs, chips and soda? God- for what it costs for one sub, a small soda and bag of chips I could make a complete meal- with leftovers! My kids never saw a store-bought cookie, never had soda to drink unless we were attending a family party, didn’t get “convenience” foods. When I bought cereal, it was of the plain old Cheerios, Kix or Rice Krispies type. Snacks were things like celery with peanut butter or a piece of fruit.

One way to start tackling poverty, poor nutrition and childhood obesity is to change the SNAP program. Put limits on what folks can buy with those limited funds. Protein, fruit, vegetables, beans, peanut butter, milk and cheese. After all, it says in the name “Nutrition” assistance, not keep the junk food manufacturers in business program. When a family is approved for SNAP let’s make sure they know what nutrition means. How hard can it be to give a class on putting together a shopping list from the weekly store flyers? Would it really be so difficult to teach how to stock a pantry with the basics? Will it raise a lot of protest? Probably. Will the folks at Coke, Pepsi, Keebler and the like have fits? Surely.

I had some respect for the folks whose tax dollars I was spending and some concern for the health of my children. True, I was taught the basics of feeding a family on a budget growing up in a home with lots of brothers and sisters and a Mom who had to stretch a working class income.

If we want to give people a hand up and out of poverty, we need to give them the tools.  “Give a man a fish, he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” I believe in giving a helping hand- but I too want to see some effort. If that means my tax dollars go towards educating folks in basic life skills and not to the people who manufacture sugar and fat laden junk food- GREAT!

Bauer IS a pig- for likening poor folks to stray animals that breed. The Dems are having a field day and screaming for an apology- as they should. Degrading living, breathing, suffering human beings is wrong. Perhaps the Dems can do something about government programs that keep people down instead of lifting them up?