Am I A “Liberal”?

Who the hell decides who is a “liberal”- or not? Is there a check list?

Liberal? Democrat? Lefty? Progressive? Conservative? TP’er? Ratf*&ker?

BS! I am an American FIRST!

One of my fav commenters spoke truth yesterday

Most people are somewhere in the middle

That’s me- firmly in the middle. Not too far left, not too far right. I think we should leave SS and Medicare alone- by preventing Congress from “borrowing” those funds for other projects. I paid into it all my life as did all law abiding citizens. It’s OUR money. It is insurance. Nobody asked if we wanted to pay in. A contract is a contract- give us our money!

I believe a woman should always ALWAYS have control of her body. I also believe that the powers that be have been using Roe v Wade to divide for years what could be the biggest voting bloc in this country. IMO, it is not about abortion. It is about whether women are free and able to make decisions on their own or are we chattel? “Liberals” and “Conservatives” will continue using the Roe V Wade stick to divide us as long as we allow it.

I think our National Debt is WAY TOO HIGH! We are borrowing our way to hell. Oops- that must make me a ratfu&*er or TP’er or whatever insulting term is being used today to describe those of us who do not tow the party line.

I support our military- but I don’t think we should be overseas fighting in the middle east- unless we are defending the one democracy in the area- Israel. All the rest? If they want our help- and that is debatable- but if they DO want it- they can and should pay for it. Up front. Oh boy- another idea that is not far left enough.

Poverty is a huge problem- but our social programs are NOT helping. The number of poor grow every year. Our system is breeding dependency – generation after generation looking to “the man” to support them. While agitators teach them to hate “the man” that is keeping them in poverty. Something has got to change. There needs to be some kind of accountability. Goals to be set and measurable progress toward self sufficiency. (And DO NOT GO THERE! I escaped from that damn system of AFDC and Food Stamps and so forth by hard work and determination. The system punishes any attempt to escape. I KNOW!) Society benefits when we help each other to rise to the next level. The current system DOES NOT HELP! It hinders. It is so flawed that we now have generational dependency. Oops! take away more points from me and throw “RAYCIST”  in to top it off!

And before you ask- yes I have ideas. Number one- make food stamps similar to WIC.  Nutritious food only. No soda, chips, sugary cereals. Food Stamps should be used to purchase – Milk, cheese, fruit, vegetables, protein- NOT JUNK!.  “BUT BUT BUT” they cry! “There are no grocery stores in the inner city! The poor have no access to reasonably priced food!” SO TEACH THEM how to grow food. Get rid of regulations that prevent them from having chickens and eggs in a small coop. And teach them to take responsibility for their children and their neighborhoods so grocery stores can come in and operate without a loss. Oops- lost more  points there.

Obamacare sucks. It was a sell out to the Insurance companies. Our premiums went up- and will go up again. In MA there is a ridiculous waiting list to see a doctor as a new patient- if you can find a doctor accepting new patients. I believe our health care system  needs reform- but obamacare was not even close to a start. Let’s give every American the option to buy into the same insurance Congress gets. Sliding scale fee. I believe that is a  point for me right?

I am NEVER EVER voting for Obama. Which is not to say I will vote for the R candidate either. And I am immune to the bs that if I do not vote for him- oooh horrors- the R will get in and THEY WILL BE WORSE. Uhm- excuse me?  As far as I am concerned, both parties are the same. Did we see any help for women in that healthcare fiasco? HELLOOOOOO? STUPAK? Our uteri get used by both sides. Damn- more lost points for not supporting “the party” even if the nominee is NOT a Democrat.

So I guess I am not a “liberal”.

Oh wait! Maybe I AM!


noun \ˈli-b(ə-)rəl\

Definition of LIBERAL

: a person who is liberal: as a: one who is open-minded or not strict in the observance of orthodox, traditional, or established forms or ways

Gee- that defines me pretty well. Even and ESPECIALLY when I am NOT STRICT in the orthodox, traditional or established forms of the Democratic Party. Well, at least the “new coalition” Dem Party. Support for Hillary was certainly outside the “traditional” “established” norm for the D Party in the 08 general election.

Also from merriam-webster-

b archaic : of or befitting a man of free birth

(archaic is correct but let’s just acknowledge that I include women there m’kay?)

I am an American. And an adult. And I can click on a link, read it and draw my own conclusions. Or not read it. Reading it (or linking to something I find interesting) does not make me a right-winger.

Any more than supporting a woman’s right to choose makes me a left winger.

Infighting sucks.



Just damn sick of it- period. The looney leftists claim the ranting righties are trying to shove right wing values down our throats. Ok- great- this is America and everybody is entitled to an opinion. Those on the right claim the left is trying to drag the country into socialism. Well speaking as a moderate middle of the road college educated American I think BOTH sides are trying to shove their values down my throat. And I am sick of it.

The crazies on the edges just do not get it. Those of us stuck in the middle and getting squeezed don’t subscribe to either extreme. I value Roe v Wade – because it puts ownership of MY body in MY control. Hello? Anybody want to take a guess what would happen if certain fundies started screaming that vasectomies kill babies so no man is allowed to have one? Or that we should forcibly sterilize men who indiscriminately spread their seed and do not support the resulting spawn? Is there any argument out there that a man should not have control over all his parts????? That’s what Roe is to me- my body is MINE! Not the state’s, not the church, not my parent’s or husband’s.

And the Left- well they don’t get it either. Global warming? Cap and Tax? Obamacare? DO NOT WANT! So what do you call it when the left tries to force all those things on us? I call it FORCING THEIR VALUES down my throat. Same as the right.

Nuts- they are all nuts. Here in the middle we do our best to keep our utility bills down. The more the left forces extreme environmentalism on the rest of us- the higher the bills go. THANKS FOR NOTHING! We have huge supplies of natural gas here in the USA- those of us in the middle would like to use it thank you very much. The left hates all fossil fuels and wants to force their radical environmentalism on us. The unregulated speculators in energy futures contribute to the ever rising price of basic utilities as well. Go to hell all of you! We in the middle want to be able to go to bed without unplugging every single thing in the house to keep the bill down. Those of us here where there are things like freezing temps and snow would like to keep the heat a tad higher than 62 during the day, would like to be able to sit in the living room without thermal underwear, a t-shirt, overshirt, hooded sweatshirt and blanket. And please don’t tell me about insulation and fancy new windows. Who the hell can afford it? And no it IS NOT my fellow citizen’s job to give up their hard earned money to weatherize my home. We put plastic over the windows and turn the heat down to 55 at night and thank God because it could be worse. A good old fashioned wood stove is looking better and better.

The left and right both use the poor- though in different ways. All those social safety nets? How many of the loony lefties or righteous righties have any clue what it is to be poor? One side peers down from their lofty Ivory Towers and the other from their Citadels of Corporatism and both are so high up they can not see. Tax payer funded welfare programs breed dependency. They trap the recipients in poverty. Where they can be used as a blunt weapon by both sides. Welfare Queens vs Social Justice. Both sides using the same issue as a stick to beat the base. Do I think society should have a method for helping those who have fallen on bad times? Sure- a temporary stop gap while the recipient is taught the skills to get up and out of wrenching poverty. Not a blank check that encourages indiscriminate procreation because the size of the benefits increase with every child. Oh- and a drug test should be mandatory when applying and at intervals thereafter while receiving benefits because drug dependency is destroying whole generations.

In my most humble opinion the left has ruined public education. Perhaps forever. Sorry people- but holding back the smartest children so those less intellectually gifted will not suffer a blow to their self esteem is crapola.  Excusing bad behavior in the classroom does not help the miscreant and certainly does a disservice to those who are well behaved. There are winners and losers and children need to learn it early. In the real world there are no awards for participation. Wonder why our math and science scores are so low? Maybe because we no longer have “divisions” where the smartest kids take more challenging classwork and the kids who are not the best at those subjects go to more basic math and science classes? (Oh- and where their self-esteem  does not suffer because they are grouped with others of similar ability.) We dumbed down the K-12 public education system in the name of social justice and what happened next? The colleges followed suit. Now look at our rankings in math and science compared to the rest of the world and tell me how those psychological leftist policies are working out for us. Why should we expect every child to go to college?

The right and religion. MMkay. STOP IT! This is America and people are free to worship or not as they please-. Be very very careful what you pray for- God might just give it to you.  The Left and religon- STOP IT! This is AMERICA and we are free to worship and believe as we desire. Oh and here’s a big one for you- sharia law has no place here. If folks want to live under sharia they can go to Iran or any of the other muslim theocratic societies. NOT HERE!

Immigration- another issue with which crazies from both sides beat their base. And one where I would bet most of us in the middle just want immigrants to follow the rules. We in the middle want our borders to be safe. We want the laws enforced. We want the Feds to do their job and close the border. We want the Feds to GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY when states like Arizona step up and try to get it done. Oh- and what the hell is up with allowing foreign countries to join in lawsuits against the will of the citizens of a state? Excuse me? Go back to that part about sharia law. Same concept. Foreign laws should have no standing in the US. Do our citizens get the benefit of American law if they are caught breaking the law in Mexico or Iran or Sweden or anywhere else? NOT!

Left and right and the military. Well for those of you on the left who think our military spending is a waste I think you are deluded. Like your freedom? Thank a soldier. Support our troops- period. When the shit hits the fan our troops protect YOU as well. And for those of you on the right who use the military as a source of obscene wealth generation- SHAME ON YOU! The troops protect YOU as well. I understand the argument that there are countries that spend way less on their own defense because we protect them. Is the answer really to just close the bases and bring our troops home? Or is the answer to have our allies pick up a more equitable share of the cost?

So left and right- I think you are BOTH trying to shove your values down our throats. We in the middle just want to work and live and follow the law. We want to go to church, or not, we want our children to learn reading and writing and arithmetic. We want to help our neighbors but we do not want our wealth seized to entrap our neighbors in poverty. We fly the Flag proudly. We support our troops. We love our country. For those of the religious right take a long hard look at the theocratic countries and know this- WE DO NOT WANT! For the far left loons take a long hard look at the old Soviet Union and China and know this- WE DO NOT WANT!

And we have a message for you- we will keep that pendulum swinging both sides in and out of power until the extremists left and right are gone and we get back to the middle.





This Is How You Fix Congress!

Just got this from my big Sis. See- people can grow and change! (When I sent her a similar thing a few years ago, she laughed me off. Guess listening to her union isn’t working out so well now that she is retired.) Pass this on! If you would like me to copy you on the e-mail I received containing this- let me know in the comments.


I am going to see if I can find 20 people who agree or disagree with this issue.

Read down below and forward to 20 or more folks, or as many as you can  —-  folks who think the congressional offices holders are out of touch with the citizens … or maybe just holding the office to feather their nest.

This isn’t Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Tea Party, Green Party or Independent; it’s the Right thing for all parties.

You’re part of my 20 people, hoping you will  send  this  on  to  your  20  so  we  get  this  out

before  November

If each person contacts a minimum of twenty people then it will only take three days for most people (in the U.S. ) to receive the message.  Maybe it is time.


Congressional Reform Act of 2010

1. Term Limits.

12 years only, one of the possible options below..

A. Two Six-year Senate terms
B. Six Two-year House terms
C. One Six-year Senate term and three Two-Year House terms

2.  No Tenure / No Pension.

A Congressman collects a salary while in office and receives no pay when they are out of office.

3.  Congress (past, present & future) participates in Social Security.

All funds in the Congressional retirement fund move to the Social Security system immediately.  All future funds flow into the Social Security system, and Congress participates with the American people.

4. Congress can purchase their own retirement plan, just as all Americans do.

5. Congress will no longer vote themselves a pay raise.  Congressional pay will rise by the lower of CPI or 3%.

6. Congress loses their current health care system and participates in the same health care system as the American people.

7. Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on the American people.

8. All contracts with past and present Congressmen are void effective 1/1/11.

The American people did not make this contract with Congressmen.  Congressmen made all these contracts for themselves.

Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career.  The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, serve your term(s), then go home and back to work.

If you agree with the above, pass it on.   If not, just delete

Fort Hood Hearings and more on Military Voting

Check this out-

FORT HOOD — A soldier testifying in an evidentiary hearing here Friday for Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan said he erased a cell phone video shot during the melee on the orders of his commanders.

Are you having the same WTF moment I had? Good! How can this be? Has this whole country including the military gone totally batshit politically correct crazy? Evidence was erased??????????  Here is another snippet from the same article.

Under cross-examination by John Galligan, the lead defense attorney, Aviles was asked if he had made a video of the shooting from his cell phone. He also was asked if he had deleted the images at the instruction of an officer and an NCO.

“Yes sir,” Aviles replied.

Col. Diane Battaglia, executive officer to Maj. Gen. William Grimsley, Fort Hood’s top commander, said the general hadn’t seen reports filed by military police in the case and was unaware of Aviles erasing video of the shooting from his phone.

I want to know who the hell ordered that video erased AND I want to know what it showed. The troops giving testimony at this hearing ALL agree it was Hasan. Many have testified that he screamed the standard Islamofascist terrorist cheer before opening fire.

WHY was that video erased? What was in that video? And for that matter – why the hell is Hasan still on this planet? Evidentiary hearing? The slaughter occurred when? Let’s get the court-martial over with and line that bastard up in front of the wall and be done with it already.

Next item on my WTF list for this weekend- the disenfranchisement of our troops overseas. If you missed my original rant on this travesty you can check it out here.  Now there is more news on that front.

A little background is necessary I think. Obama was a junior Senator from Illinois. A whack job governor went to trial for trying to sell Obama’s vacated seat. Said seat is now up for grabs- and the Democrats are in trouble all over the place. How embarrassing would it be if the Dims lost that seat? Everybody still with me?  Imagine how NOT stunned I was to see this in the news.

BELLEVILLE, Ill. (AP/KMOV) — At least one county in Illinois admits its ballots to military personnel weren’t mailed on time.

That’s as the U.S. Department of Justice is checking on the issue in Illinois and has brought lawsuits in other states.

St. Clair County Clerk Bob Delaney says about 1,100 absentee ballots to military personnel didn’t get mailed by the Sept. 18 deadline. Most of those voters are connected to Scott Air Force Base.

I am beyond disgusted. And by the way- military personnel tend to vote Republican. The troops putting their lives on the line to protect us all don’t get a vote.  But Meanchelda gets a pass when she “electioneers” inside a polling place.
Will the political parties never cease to find ways to disenfranchise voters? Hanging chads,the Supreme Court deciding a Presidential election,  Black Panthers intimidating voters, ACORN registering Mickey Mouse, giving one candidate’s delegates to a fraud and the list just keeps on growing with every election.

Let The Games Begin

The local Democratic Party guy stopped by yesterday. He wanted to know if I wanted a Dahlkemper sticker and yard sign.


He remembered me as a Hillary supporter and that I was adamantly opposed to the fraud.

Here’s the best part-

He wants me to get involved in the local Dem party because- wait for it-

I am so well informed and my research is outstanding! BWAHAHAHAHA!

Give me a break- I told him what Obama was and they wouldn’t listen. NOW my research is valuable? Not my vote mind you- my research.

Apparently I am making some kind of progress as the idiot agreed with me that Dahlkemper’s vote on the healthcare bill was a slap in the face to her constituents. And he agreed we need term limits. And he thinks Ofraudma coming out FOR the victory mosque is wrong. Oh and I was right- Hillary was the better candidate, the Roolz committee stole delegates and our State got robbed in Denver. Too bad they didn’t listen in 08. But our county went Hillary by huge numbers and then McCain in huge numbers.

I left him with some homework to do on the insurance company bailout bonanza bill.

And NO you can’t put traitor bitch Dahlkemper’s sign in my yard. And NO I am never working for the “New” Democratic party. I will work like crazy to get the OLD Democratic party back. Until then- NO!

Be Careful—

what you wish for you might just get it! Lots and lots of posting around the web on the insurance companies and their ridiculous profits. Plenty of coverage of the Dems trying to push through the back door their “health care reform bill.” On and on and on it goes.

One of the recurring themes is the public option- many consider it to be THE thing that will bring all the disaffected stoopid voters back on board. Give everybody access to medicare and the whole health care mess will be solved. I say- BULLSHIT!

I have watched for years as my Mom pays higher and ever higher premiums for “supplemental” insurance to cover all those things that Medicare does NOT cover.  But Medicare is so great right?? Then why does she need supplemental insurance??

As noted at Uppity Woman’s

Profits for the 10 largest U.S. insurance companies jumped 250% between 2000 and 2009 while millions of Americans have lost coverage, according to a report released Thursday by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The report found that the five biggest insurance companies — WellPoint (WLP), Cigna (CI), UnitedHealth Group (UNH), Aetna (AET) and Humana (HUM) — saw their profits increase 56% in 2009, a year in which 2.7 million people lost their private coverage.

(Head over to Uppity’s for lively debate and commentary on this subject!)

I found this regarding the premiums for Medicare supplemental policies –

Premiums jump 14 percent

on Medicare private plans

WASHINGTON – Millions of seniors who signed up for popular private health plans through Medicare are facing sharp premium increases this year — another sign that spiraling costs are a problem even for those with solid insurance.

That particular article says the average premium is $39.61. Where? certainly not in MA where my Mom lives (with my older sister- because there is no way for her to afford her own place AND pay for supplemental insurance.)

If you want to go through a zillion pages and find out what Medicare does and does not cover- go here Here is a little highlight for you

The information contained in this database is also available in the CMS publication titled Your Medicare Benefits.

It is important for you to understand that Medicare does not cover everything, and it does not pay the total cost for most services or supplies that are covered. You should talk to your doctor to be sure you are getting the service or supply that best meets your health care needs.

The amount of your coverage is also dependent on whether you have coverage under Medicare Part A, Medicare Part B, or both. Medicare Part A typically pays for your inpatient hospital expenses and Medicare Part B typically covers your outpatient health care expenses including doctor fees.

A benefit is a health care service or supply that is paid for in part or in full by Medicare.

So my Mom pays the Medicare premium and then pays for supplemental insurance on top of that to cover what Medicare does not cover. And her slightly more than $1000 a month in SS benefits puts her over the income limits for Medicaid type health care coverage.

Good thing my Mom has children willing and able to take her in.

Go ahead and read what Medicare does and does not cover, investigate and find out what a supplemental insurance policy will cost you and then-

Be careful what you wish for.

Which way do I go????

Well, the Pa state Democratic Party machine endorsed the turncoat Specter. Now what? I am certainly not voting for him! Changed parties because he was afraid he couldn’t win re-election as a Republican. Mind you, as far as I know this is not the first party switch for the old fart. I could put in a bunch of clichés, but why bother? I think he made a huge mistake given the results of recent races in other states- the Dems are not so popular right now- and people are sick of Specter anyway.

So- what are the choices??? Here is the list I found at Politics1


Arlen Specter (D)* – (Campaign Site)
Michael Lamb (D) – Pittsburgh City Controller

Mike Mentzer (D) – HVAC Contractor & Navy Veteran
Joe Sestak (D) – Congressman & Retired Navy Admiral
Joe Vodvarka (D) – Machinist & ’04 Candidate
Wendell Banks (R) – Minister & Frequent Candidate
John Kensinger (R) – Pharmacist & ’01/’02 US Rep. Candidate
Peg Luksik (R) – Conservative Activist, Businesswoman & Frequent Candidate
Larry Murphy (R) – Businessman
Pat Toomey (R) – Ex-Congressman, Club for Growth President, Businessman & ’04 Candidate
Robert Townsend (R) – Retired Police Officer & Navy Veteran
Mike Yilit (Indep. American) – Pastoral Degree Student & Construction Worker

I noticed there is ONE woman running- but I went and looked at her web page- she is anti-choice- so not for me. What’s left? Men with the same old, same old. I haven’t had time to look through them all- but not holding out hope for finding anything new. About all I know at this point is I am NOT voting for Specter.

There is a LOT going on in PA this cycle- but again- no female candidate for Governor. There are two women, one Dem, one Rep running for Lt. Gov.

Am I specifically looking for female candidates? You bet I am! I am sick to death of government run by the men, for the men. If I can’t find a woman to back, then I will look at the males, but all bets are off. If I can not find a candidate who will represent me- then I just won’t vote. I am not going to settle or as Uppity Woman says- “hold my nose.”

As some of you may know- I live on the main drag in and out of our little town. Hence I get pleas every election cycle for space for signs. I ran off the Democratic Party co-coordinator who wanted to take my Hillary signs and replace them with signs for the appointed one.  Right now I am considering putting up a hand-made sign expressing my discontent, anger, disgust, fury at the system that discounts our wishes and takes our votes for granted.

Leave your sign suggestions in the comments please!