Good format!

Found this in my intertubz journey this morning and liked it as it prints the questions and answers of the D and R candidates without editorializing or comment that I can see. Perhaps a reader could kindly inform me if this is some far wing (left or right) outfit? I like the side by side- and that each got exactly the same question. Too bad the msm does not use the same format. But that would be RAYCIST /s.

The Top American Science Questions: 2012

Candidates readily debate jobs and the economy even though they are not economists; they debate foreign policy and military intervention even though they are not diplomats or generals; they debate faith and values even though they are not priests or pastors. We call on the candidates for President to also debate these Top American Science Questions that affect all voters’ lives.

The questions cover a range from research and innovation to climate change and energy. I am going to spend some time going through all the questions and responses- at first glance it seems Romney had much longer answers. I am at a disadvantage here- I don’t know if this organization is a leftie gotcha group- or if Obama just gave short shrift to the answers?

It will be interesting reading none the less.



Let me start with a true story about multi-tasking. There was a Mom who was busily doing what Moms do all day, every day. She had a load of laundry in the washer, one in the dryer and one being folded. Dinner was in the oven, the baby was napping, the toddler was playing in the den and Mom was supervising the older children’s homework and entertaining her out of town guests.

Suddenly, a heart stopping screech rends the air! Mom stops folding laundry and rushes to the toddler and finds the child bleeding profusely! She instantly assesses the situation- the child clearly needs stitches! All other projects and tasks immediately cease. There is an emergency and though Mom has never heard the term “multi-tasking” she clearly knows that this is a time for clear, dedicated focus on the crisis at hand and that all the other tasks she is engaged in will have to go on the back burner until the emergency is over.

Yesterday, one candidate for President suspended all other non-essential tasks to focus on the crisis at hand. One candidate recognized that the economic crisis facing our country eclipses the race for President. One candidate put country first- as he has done time and time again in his long life- correctly placing the good of our country ahead of personal and political gain. John McCain suspended his campaign in order to DO HIS JOB! Sen. McCain recognized that all the speeches, stumping, ads, debates and polls are not as important as resolving the economic crisis. The other candidate???

The other candidate says “Call me if you need me.” And “Presidents should be able to multi-task.” HMMPH! To be fair, I will say that Sen. Obama has stayed true to form. He declined Sen. McCain’s invitation to join him in suspending campaigning and go to Washington and get to work. This way, Sen. Obama can continue his now well known pattern of not voting or voting “present” on tough issues. Can’t be held accountable if you don’t vote! Down the road when the crisis has been resolved, he can declare he “gave a speech.” He can claim to have been for it- or against it- depending on which way the political winds are blowing. But nobody will be able to hold him accountable, because he was on the campaign trail while all that yucky taking a position and voting was going on. (UPDATE- Seems that Sen. Obama will be going to Washington- at the behest of President Bush. Even though Harry Reid thinks The Precious should keep on the campaign trail. I wonder if Sen. Obama is feeling like a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.)

Sen. McCain has shown he truly understands leadership. Yes, Presidents should be able to “multi-task.” The holder of the most powerful office on the planet necessarily has many, many items on the agenda- all day, every day. 24/7. 365. However, there are times of national crisis when ONE issue, one item on the agenda must take precedence over all others. A good leader knows, as my Mom knew all those years ago, when to put all non-essential tasks on hold and FOCUS! Leaders have subordinates and team members who can mind the store and manage the agenda while the boss handles the crisis.

That is the boss’s job- prioritize the issues and know when to multi-task and when to FOCUS! Bravo Sen. McCain! A living example of “country first!”