Happy New Year!

Wishing Blessings on all. Peace, health, prosperity. Praying we all survive with our country intact, that the left and right cliff dwellers fall off into the abyss without dragging the rest of us down with them.

Meanwhile, I will be nurturing a few young people I know. They are very very bright- and support The Constitution. They do not watch the “news” and have already figured out for themselves that it is all lies and propaganda. Heck these kids are smart enough to have made the connection with Pravda on their own! There is hope! They support equal rights for all. They hate Obamacare- but support true universal health care with the insurance companies removed from the equation. There is hope! Did I mention they are young- but will be voting in the next election? There is hope! Perhaps the best part is they live in blue koolaid strongholds- but have managed not to become infected. They can actually THINK! No thanks to the public schools by the way.

I pray for our country every day. May the current ptb in the party formerly known as D rot in hell forever. We are never getting our party back as the filthy progressives/communists/socialists- whatever they call themselves- have killed it forever. Party of the poor indeed- it’s why they keep adding to the ranks of the poor. And the ptb on the R side are no better.

Hold on tight to what you know to be good and right. Yes, contrary to popular thinking, there are universal Rights and Wrongs. If we hold the line, we can be sure America will survive. Prevent the spread of the far extremes– fight it where you can. Nurture the young who will be voting in the next election. We need an antidote to the Oh-Bahm-A unthinking mindless zombies.

God Bless us and God Bless the United States of America!