Blog Rules

Not many.

This blog is a Constitutional Free Speech Zone. All views, supported by facts or prefaced by “in my OPINION” are welcome.

This blog however, is adamantly ANTI-Obama. And Anti New Fascist Brazile style Not Democrat party. Again, you are entitled to your opinion. Dispensing of kool-aid is against the law here. Opinions must be clearly marked as opinions. If you wave the Obama flag expect an intervention, as I consider you delusional and in need of help off the ledge.

Support of Hillary DOES NOT equate to support of Obama. Conversely, support of any candidate does NOT translate to disloyalty to Hillary.

Hillary is the first choice for President on this blog. Hillary supporters are welcome. In this bloggers opinion Hillary is the polar opposite of Obama. Hillary does not trample on our rights. A President Hillary would not bow to foreign potentates. President Hillary would not have let the Fair Pay Act be gutted and then lie and tell the people she passed the Fair Pay Act. Hillary would have worked across the aisle. Hillary would not have wasted a two year Congressional majority. Hillary would have used that time to get us true Universal Health Care- not the Insurance Company Profit Protection Act.


Hillary is not running. We have a choice of death by fire or death by drowning in 2012. The reality of life is that it will be either President Obama or President Romney come January 2013. I remain vehemently opposed to the muslim appeasing America hating selectee currently holding office. Roe V Wade is not going anywhere. It has been trotted out, yet again, as it has been every election since 1972. Roe V Wade is not an acceptable excuse for voting for Obama, in my opinion.

“Bless Your Heart” “Bless Their Hearts” or any of the variations are an insult of the highest order, implying idiocy. Yes, even this Yankee knows that. Those who utter this insult indicate they have run out of logic and are resorting to the equivalent of “Shut UP!” delivered in the same tone as a second grader. Take it back to the blue cesspits of delusion.

Links to blog posts are not links to facts. If there is a link to an article within someone else’s post you find factual, post the link to the article. Do not link to Obama promoting blogs- I consider them kool-aid cesspools. (Hint- blogs where writers and commenters  use language like “Bless their hearts” are kool-aid cesspools devoid of common sense.)

Kool-Aid is banned. Blue and Red. It is toxic and will be flushed.

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