Just a working class, empty nesting, life long Democrat disgusted with the DNC, the Democratic Party, the ‘RULZ’ Committee and the power brokers who think we should all fall in line and vote for the selectee. Country before party every time!

Not sure what I am now- I am no longer a Democrat, definitely not a Republican. Absolutely not a Socialist or Communist. Not sure what “Progressive” or “Libertarian” mean.

Guess I am just an American citizen, trying my darndest to be an informed voter.

Update. September 2012.

STILL not supporting Obama. He is, as we knew, back in 2008, a disaster for this country. I will NEVER vote for him. No matter how bad the “other side” may be. Nothing could be worse. His defeat would be the best thing that could happen to the Democratic Party and the only way to try to save our country from its descent into madness and European style appeasement and mulitculturalism.

Anyone who uses the R selection of Ryan as VP as an excuse to vote for Obama never understood the whole anti-Obama mind set. While many Hillary supporters opted not to vote for the selectee out of revenge- I voted against him out of love of country. That has not changed.

A vote for Obama is a vote for two things. The continued destruction of America and the total demise of the Democratic Party we once knew. In my opinion there is no excuse EVER for voting for the America hating fraud.

13 Responses

  1. Join the rest of us that have been left out in the cold.

  2. Progressives are Dems. You aren’t one of those. If you are like me, your stuck without a party.

    • Kind of sad isn’t it- no party- and hardly any candidates to vote for other than the same old tired party hacks.

  3. Hey Mom. Read your comment at Smart’s place today. I apologize if I’m part of what has driven you from commenting at that blog. You know I don’t usually engage in ad hominems or verbal abuse, but I feel Zal is out of control in his sanctimonious and insulting comments and has to be taken down a peg or two. Since he does it everyday, without fail, i have to hit back everyday. He won’t be as easy to drive off as Tamerlane (who hasn’t returned, thank god), but at least he’ll be called on his B.S.

  4. Hey Mom, my partner was wondering if she saw you in York, PA, in ’08. She was working the Hillary office there during the PA primary. Were you there?

    • NES! Hey woman- how are you?
      No unfortunately I have not met your partner- I am way over on the other side of PA- up in the NW PA area- I am only about a 15 to 20 minute ride to Ohio!
      Tell her to come work the Erie PA office next time- and bring yourself!

      • Hi Mom. I’m fine. Thinking about all the delish things you’re cooking and baking these days.

        Gotcha on the Erie office — next time Hill runs (2016?), we’ll be there.

        • OUTSTANDING! We shall definitely get together! And if PA primaries remain in late spring- I will treat you to some asparagus from the garden here! Perfect timing! We can celebrate Hillary winning PA with a big asparagus feast! Maybe Uppity and Hillary will come!

  5. Hello Mom. All cool?
    Love, NES

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