Things The Government Won’t Let You See

Yellowstone iphone 087Undine Falls Yellowstone iphone 100 Changing Light over Mammoth Hot SPrings along the North Entrance RoadYellowstone iphone 157Trout Lake Yellowstone iphone 285 Woodland Hiking PathYellowstone iphone 312Sunrise over Hayden Valley P1100097One of the famous Wolves of Lamar Valley (which the asshats in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho are allowing to be killed should they act like wolves and follow their prey out of the Park. DSCN0318Pronghorn along the Northeast Entrance Road DSCN0347Elk (evil thing!) in Mammoth Hot Springs- getting ready to ram a car!

These are just a few of the images I shot in Yellowstone this summer. Now the evil fascist dictators will not let anyone in. The sign over the Arch in Gardiner says “For the Benefit and Enjoyment of THE PEOPLE”!

Not anymore.



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  1. Awesome pics.

  2. Great pictures, I especially love the sunrise over Hayden Valley, absolutely gorgeous!

    I can’t wait for you to share more of your pictures and hopefully some blog posts about your time in Yellowstone.

  3. Amazing pics! How great to “see” you. New poll numbers (esp for boy wonder) indicate that shutdown should come to an end soon. I guess “closing” the ocean was a bridge too far…..

  4. Lovely pictures. Glad you got to enjoy your job for a bit before the white house toddler threw his latest tantrum.

  5. I just read the stories about your Mother’s passing. They are beautifully written. So sorry for your loss!

  6. MOM! Hola.
    Love your pics. Do post more. Glad President StompyFeet decided to let the plebs enjoy them once again.

  7. Anyone know what happened to Smart’s blog? I couldn’t access it today — something about it being private now. Anyone know?

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