Songs for Mom’s Sending Forth

We are a musical people. While we sat in her hospital room waiting for her to cross over, we sang all the old songs Mom had sung to us. She was laboring to breathe and on a heavy morphine drip. I felt she was waiting for someone- and the only one she had not heard from was my daughter. My older sister and her daughter had spoken to her- we held the phone up to her ear.

On a hunch, I played a video I had on YouTube of my daughter. I said to her- “Mom, Here’s Kristen” and held the computer up where she could here it. Here is the clip of my daughter singing ‘Remember Me”

It seemed to help. Or at least it helped me. She did seem calmer. So I continued on playing youtube vids- as my voice was raw by then. I played this Judy Collins number- Mom’s favorite hymn. She would tell the story of how the Bishop wept when I sang this at Confirmation.

She grew calmer yet, though still struggling to draw each breath.

Then I searched around and found another song she wanted played at her funeral- wanted to find a Pavarotti version- but none of them were good so went with this one.

When I was hunting around I had seen a Scottish song- and her Mom was off the boat from Arbroath Scotland. Nana always sang as well- My Mom and her brothers and sisters could SING! King family got nothing on our family lol! I had thought the next selection would be something with bagpipes- Mom always loved them- but this with the Irish Tenors sounded so much like my uncles- I played this

She grew very calm, closed her mouth and took three completely normal unlabored breaths. I stood up to go and get the rest of the family who were in the waiting room across the way. My niece was coming in, with her Mom behind her. I looked back- and Mom had flown away home.

The Music lives on. The unending hymn of praise.

For those not of the Catholic faith- or not Christian. Scripture tells us, and the Eucharistic prayer echoes it, that in Heaven, the angelic choir sings always and forever, without end. Crying out HOLY! HOLY! HOLY! Lord God of Hosts!

Mom always said of me, that music touched me (I cry over music a lot lol- and live to sing!) She said that God had blessed me with a memory of that heavenly choir.

So the words of this hymn to me are true. Mom’s life flows on in endless song- above earth’s lamentation. I hear the real though far off hymn.

She sings now in the heavenly choir.

Save a place for me Mom. I sing on. I am still in rehearsal here on Earth. Someday we will sing together once more.

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  1. PMM,

    I’m so sorry to read about your loss. I’m also glad your mom had her family around her when she passed. You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. PMM. Just based on your description of your Mother’s last minutes, you were a good daughter.

    • WLM- I, like almost all children, gave my Mom grief in my younger days. That I was able, perhaps, to ease her way, to help her find her wings- a blessing.

      • Hey, the business that we give our moms is forgotten, only the good times are left in the heart. Time helps the heart. You will always remember that you were there…good times and bad no matter what. That is the best thing one can give.

  3. I came out of lurking to leave you a comment at TCH but it is likely buried because it was a bit late our of the gate.

    For some reason, I decided to check in here today.I think because I ran into several of my neighbors who were asking after my own mother and how she was faring and the place mother’s have in our hearts.

    I am glad you were able to be there for her. Sympathies on your loss and may you continue to find happiness in the memories.

    • Mt Laurel- thanks so much. I tried to make sure I read all the comments left over at TCH- but I was exhausted and sure I missed some. Sorry I did not get a reply to you.
      I appreciate all the love.

  4. Thanks for sharing those personal moments with us, PMM. I am sure your mother was so proud of you until the very end, doing all you could to make her passing a gentle one. God Bless you for that.

    As always, my prayers continue for you.

  5. Again, PMM, deepest condolences to you and your family on the loss of your mother.

    She must be singing from the high heavens with pride and joy over those who helped fulfill her life all the way to the end while on this Earth.


  6. Miss you, kiddo. Sorry I havent’ been around much, working on doing a better job of that. Thought of you last week as we were driving to PA. I need to meet with you sometime so I can find something about that State to like again. Dr. X ruined it for me.

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