Strategy- REFORM the Electoral College!

While we can not do away with the Electoral College, every one of us CAN work towards proportional awarding of electoral votes.  The problem with those votes is that in most cases they are winner take all. (I believe Maine and Nebraska are the two exceptions.)  So the large population centers steal votes from those of us in more rural areas. Let’s take a look – starting with my home state, PA.

PA Congressional Map

See the cluster of districts around Philly?

Now let’s take a look at the election results.

PA Election Results Map

Note the vast swaths of red?

Note also that ALL of our electoral votes went to teh fraud. In reality, not one vote counted in the red areas of the state.  By my eye, PA 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 17, 15 and 19 all should have gone to Romney. There are others there as well. The Politico map is nice as you can hover over the counties and see the vote totals. You will see if you do so, that Romney won handily in almost every county in PA- and his margins were close even in some of the counties around Philly. Hover over Berks, Chester and Bucks counties.

So at least 8 out of 20 votes that were against Obama. What about in OH?

OH Congressional Map

OH Election Results

My eye says OH 3, 4, 6, 16, 17 and 18 all against Obama.

I don’t have time to go through all the state maps, but you get the drift. You can go to the links above and zoom out and in and look at any state.  Our votes are not being counted. And importantly, the PTB know they only have to cheat in the high population density districts to take the whole prize. They can ignore and mock the bitter clingers and they know the electoral college protects them.

Look. These are OUR VOTES! Bad enough ACORN and the Black Panthers cheat and steal and intimidate in areas like Philly. Worse is that they get our votes too without even working at it.

PA had a movement  to change the way our votes are awarded. It died a quiet death- mostly because of arguments that we needed to keep them all as one big prize so the campaigns would campaign and spend money here. Well, gee, that didn’t pan out now did it? I suspect there were other, high pressure movers and shakers behind that death.

The electoral totals this year were 332 to 206. Could we have gotten a different result? I would have to go state by state to check it out.  But just a quick check shows we could have shaved a few in even states like CA. YES! Even California has huge swaths of red. Add in a half dozen in FL, a few in VA, MI, WI etc- and we might be looking at a better, different future.

I want my vote to count. More than anything else, I want to know that my vote was not disregarded.

What say you? I am going to start hounding Harrisburg over this. My local and state reps are going to hear it until we get FAIR elections and FAIR awarding of electoral votes.

Let’s make the Constitution work FOR us instead of “agin” us eh? Please take a look at your state and let us know how many votes could be shaved off teh fraud’s ill gotten gains.


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  1. The vast swaths of red in PA resemble the vast swaths across the nation. While it looks like a handful of counties are deciding the race, it’s the overwheming population that’s deciding it. Our votes are being counted–there just aren’t as many of them. It cuts both ways–think Texas.

    Check out this map, rescaled based on population:

    Still, I’d be curious to see what would happen if every state awarded electoral delegates proportionally. I have been unable to find such a map or chart and don’t have the hours it would take to build one.

    I wonder if each state awarded it’s delegates based on its popular vote, would the result have been different? Maybe it wouldn’t have affected the last election, but maybe in the future, more people would show up and vote if they thought their vote mattered more directly. Perhaps we’d see some serious third party action then?

    • Sophie- good points. Nonetheless, as it stands now- my vote does not count. It just gets thrown out the damn window. Proportional awarding of electoral votes- BY DISTRICT, is in my opinion, the only fair way to go. I am sick to death of the cities like Philly getting more than their fair share. And yes, that IS how I see it. It is not like every soul in Philly came out to vote (though I bet a few dead ones did.) Those who came out to vote, even if they were bribed, should not have a higher value than ours. And essentially they do. Because the Congressional Districts are based on census population data- not actual voters, dead or otherwise. Popular vote is still too easy to rig- as once again, all the ptb (of either major party) need do is win the high density areas to over ride our votes. I have been looking at the states as time allows- and there are some surprises in there. I want my vote counted. Not negated by some Black Panther or low info moron in Philly.

  2. Totally agree with you, PMM. Regardless of population density, if the electoral votes were awarded per district, we would find that there would have been a completely different result not only this year, but also in the 2008 primary. We would have just elected Hillary Clinton to her second term.

    Interesting to me is that during the Dubbya Debacle, it was the GOP who was defending the electoral college. This time around, the Obamapoligists are the ones defending it to the death.

    Same with FEMA – in 2008, Katrina had all the Obamapoligists using it as fodder against the other side. This time around, there is nothing better than FEMA because Mitt Romney (the guy who secretly wants to control your uterus /s) said he would cut funding.

    Go figure…

    • Amen Anthony. The Electoral College thing comes out like the boogey man right on schedule. We need to take those weapons away from tptb. Had an additional thought too. Just how much money can the damn super pacs raise? If electorals were proportional- would they be able to raise enough money to fight in every single media market all over the country?

  3. Take a look at this map
    Myiq provided a very good link – to the Congressional Districts map- repeating here
    So go take a look! THAT map shows 233 R 194 D.
    Then add in the Senate seats- giving those to the Pop vote winner of each state- and we would have an additional 24 x 2 =48 for R and 26 x 2 = 52 for O giving a total of 281 for R and 246 for O.
    Do DC, Puerto Rico and Guam get any electorals?
    Anyway, imo, using that map and awarding electorals by district winner is way more equitable than this only count the cities crap.

  4. Yup, elections are nothing but a ruse to make us look like we have a choice. It’s electoral college is nothing but communism in disguise. I have it real bad……I live in Illinois, and all it takes is Cook Country with it’s large black vote to rule out my vote.

  5. what an idiot you are

    • How cute! An Obama troll! As usual for the species, no intelligent dissenting argument- just name calling.
      And almost a month late too!
      Go away – try reading the founding documents and American History and comparing them to current events. Then take some good classes on 19th and 20th century world history.
      Get back to me when you can formulate an intelligent comment.

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