I Get By. Or Poverty 101. Introduction

Well, the election is over and we as a nation are headed for the poor house. We all need to pitch in and share whatever hints we have for living frugally. Having been poor and poorer, I have never lost the lessons I learned. And have been open to learning new ones along the way.

There are many strategies for stretching the few rubles pennies we have left. Some of us are fortunate enough to have had Depression Era lessons instilled by our parents and grandparents. The old becomes new!

Waste Not, Want Not.

That one expression goes a long way. We live in an era of built in obsolescence – and marketing that tempts all to have the newest, the latest, the best! (I am semi immune as I loathe shopping lol.) I also grew up with hand me downs and hand made by my Mom. There was no  shame attached back then-everyone’s closet or bureau had items from older sisters, brothers and cousins. Of course, clothing back then was good quality and made to last lol.

There are many many ways to save, to scrimp, to stretch and I will try to cover as many as I can think of as they come to me. Winter is upon us, so will cover my strategies for keeping utility bills down in the next post. And of course will cover eating on a budget and the recipes for stretching food dollars.

What expressions or sayings did you parents or grandparents teach you? And what frugal strategies would you share with us? Chime in in the comments!



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  1. “Put on a sweater!”

    • Indeed FF! Many layers here all winter! I still remember my Dad saying that! “Put on a Sweater!” And of course Nana had knitted a sweater for each and every one of us. (Along with mittens and hats and slippers lol)

      • HAH! That made me think of something! I can remember Mom and Nana unraveling the old handknitted sweaters when they got beyond repair. (Remember elbow patches lol?) They would unravel them and re use the yarn for other items like crib and carriage blankets and infant and toddler sweaters.

  2. Ok laugh if you will but I hauled tons of wood from Gubment land. Free for the taking. I do not give a crap about the air. It is BS anyway. I have closed off the rooms in my home not really needed and turn the main heater on once in the AM to heat the house then let the wood stove take over. If I need to I will get another. Utah is damn cold in the winter and we live in two rooms during the day. The Kitchen and living room. I can and store. If I make a batch of chicken noodle soup I make more and can it. Learn to pressure can. Folks always laugh at me because I am kind of a survivalist but I will not be cold or hungry. I gave up my cell las year and do not intend to ever have another. If you need to reach me when I am out that is your issue. Call me when I am home or leave a message. I saw my $ dwindling and rather then to wait until I had to I went back to work. I ad shop for things. I go to wal mart now where they match prices of all ads. Yes walmart has killed jobs but these days I do what I have to do and why the hell am I going to spend $ 15.00 on laundry soap when I can get the same at walmart for 7 ? The nation spoke and I am no longer a part of the plan I am just taking advantage of things while I can. Buy very cheap and store. Learn to make things. Do not allow a time of the year.. IE Christmas to dictate how you buy or live. I told all in my family I am done with that. I will make some cookies and fudge for them and that is it ! They all agree. I have been darn poor too and rose above it but never forgot. So I will be fine because I have always been a bit frugal even in good times of plenty. Grow a garden not for fun but for food ! I am ripping out my entire lawn and going to use the land for food. What good is lawn ? It costs me to water and mow .

    • YAY Utah! I do many of the same things- though I need to get over my fear of pressure canners lol! I try to have all my Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving. I buy throughout the year and put it aside. The past few years I have been sending gift cards to the grandkids and kids a shipping has gone through the roof!

  3. Great intro!
    PMM – do you want to crosspost to crayfisher?

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