Divided We Fall

Cloward Piven. We approach the tipping point. Waiting now for the new insurance packets from husbands work. Scuttlebutt has it there were two prepared, one for the Alinsky outcome, one for the unlikely event America came to her senses.

Just when you think it can’t get worse, it does. Our premiums have almost double since 08. Our co pays went from$15 to $30 (more for any doc other than the primary) Our coinsurance is through the roof. The yearly deductible per person and per family- is almost what the premiums are. Docs have already warned to start looking NOW for a doc for down the road as Medicare will not be accepted. So many things no longer covered.

Meanwhile, we wait on pins and needles to see what we will have to shut off or give up in order to afford insurance. Or if the company will decide it is cheaper to just pay the fines.(Possible- the fine per employee is less than the company share of the premium.)

The only consolation is at least we did not end up with one party control. There is, still, a small firewall. Pray it holds!

Next steps, push for reform of the awarding of electoral votes. I firmly believe they should be awarded according to district vote totals.Second step, push for Philadelphia to be absorbed by NJ.


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  1. Our insurance went up last year and we just heard that they changed policies for our dental insurance and now I’m not sure if I’ll be able to go to the only dentist I’ve ever trusted. Sigh….

    Oh…..and I’m not giving up, I’m getting high.

  2. it feels like we just reelected bush again

  3. I had no illusions about Romney. He & bambam are 6 of one & half dozen of the other imho. Only thing I wanted from him was to get rid of Obamacare. If he had kept that campaign promise, it would of been worth putting up with him for 4 years. Hopfully the law we passd here in OH opting us out of the POS will hold up. But i would of preferred a Pr4esidential executive order gettign rid of it altogether. Now we are stuck with this thing & probably will never get true healthcare in this country

    • Sonrisa! Thanks for stopping by. I too wanted that damn thing done away with- alas. You are correct- we will now never have true health care in this country. And the sheeples have no idea what is really in that bill. It is very very dangerous when a non elected functionary (the Sec of HHS) has unbridled power to write whatever rules and regulations she wants. The sheeple have no idea what is coming down the pike.

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