RIP Sen McGovern

George McGovern, War Critic Routed by Nixon, Dies at 90 – Bloomberg.

The former senator from South Dakota, a symbol of the anti- war movement,


The 1972 burglary at Washington’s Watergate office complex was designed to undermine the Democratic campaign. The resulting scandal forced Nixon to resign the presidency in 1974.

Ah yes, back in the day when the “D” in Democrat MEANT something.

You were a good example sir.



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  1. Sad. The man made quite a dent in the history books. As he said, it was a tough presidential race. It may have been successful, had the Watergate scandal unfolded two years later.

  2. We no longer have a Democrat Party……just a Prez and his associates who like to party. This whole Benganzi thing has me so pissed off you can’t believe it. That whole administration, CIA and State Department make me sick.

  3. I voted….I’m cool….I voted….Nunly rules!

    Went to Mass this morning and said a rosary before it started and then I went to Communion (with the entire school of kids) and then said a rosary with all of them after Mass. Then I spent an hour of prayer in our Adoration Chapel that had people sign up for every hour during voting time to pray just for the election.

    ….and I didn’t even get a sticker that said I voted! Rip off!!!!!!!

    Busy at the polling place but steady, no long lines. But I overheard them saying that voting was really high this year. Which in our area of the burbs is good for Romney. Cook County already has that locked up for Obama.

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