Iran has a Drone?

Isn’t this just wonderful?

Iran unveils drone

Iran has unveiled what it says is a new “indigenous” long-range unmanned drone capable of flying over most of the Middle East, state media report.

The Shahed (Witness) 129 had a range of 2,000km (1,240 miles) and could be equipped with bombs and missiles, the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps said.

It is reportedly capable of carrying out reconnaissance and combat missions.

Gee, I wonder if that has anything to do with OUR drone that mysteriously went down in Iran and which was not destroyed. The one which the fraud at 1600 made no effort to retrieve.

There is no self destruct function on these things?

And our selectee goes on appeasing.


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  1. Oh he doesn’t even have time for appeasing these days! He’s too busy being “eye candy” on The View with Ba-ba Wa-wa.

  2. WTF? Geez. good catch, PMM.

  3. Witness. Great name.
    Oh is likely to arrange beer summit with Amina-bla-blah, leading to BFF status and evenings together playing drones. Keep score. Loser brings beer next time. Possibilities endless. Fun endless too for those sick minds.

    Does Oh treat military so shabbily because our troops are to be replaced by drone activity? Eventually one man with a joy stick?

  4. OT, but have to give kudos to the Great State of Pennsylvania:

  5. Now, now…..let’s’ not jump to conclusions. I’m sure that Iran figured out all on their own, how to make a drone. After all, they would never do a thing like steal information from us….I think that’s against the warm and fuzzy Islam teachings. Right?????

  6. I loved that video, PMM! Cracked me up!!!!!

  7. a tee vee crawl this am tipped me off:

    U.S. car sales increase 13 percent in Sept.
    …Total U.S. sales rose 13 percent from a year earlier to nearly 1.2 million. If they stayed at that pace, they’d reach 14.9 million this year. Sales rose for most carmakers, led by big gains at Toyota, Honda, and Volkswagen….

    tee vee, being abbreviated, was quite humorous: US auto sales gain … led by Toyota

    Detroit still ain’t got it.

  8. Hi kiddo! I was thinking of you last Sunday in church ‘cuz we have a new music director guy in our parish and he is driving every body nuts, especially the oldies…..everybody is a critic. I just go with the drug induced flow…….they call me mellow yellow……

    • ROFL Nunly! Thanks for thinking of me- we do some of the oldie but moldies in our church too. As much as I detest some of the old music (it was bad music in 1400, it is still bad today lol)- my ministry is to enable the people to have full and active participation. If that means the oldies because they sing them- oh well. FOrtunately they love the more modern stuff too! I LOVE my current parish! M

  9. I sing really bad so if I feel like being a pain in the ass, I make sure I sing really really loud. It’s so entertaining to see everyone turn around to find out who the nutcase is. That would be me!!!!! 😀

  10. Hope you’re not mad that I couldn’t complete the e-mail yesterday. Honestly, I hardly know the e-mails of any Christians who would appreciate it. I need to start hanging out with a better crowd. 😉

    I have to call you one day, it’s been a long time since we talked and the last time I think I was doing mostly crying and not talking. 🙂

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