Planting rebellion: How to reclaim our seed culture | Grist

Planting rebellion: How to reclaim our seed culture | Grist.


Well worth bookmarking. I need to hunt this book down. Monsanto has to be the single most evil business on the planet.


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    • Very frightening. Wish I had the link- but saw an article somewhere that the round up ready god damned Monsanto products from hell are killing off pollinators as well. Frigging frankenplants produce their own pesticides- killing EVERYTHING that gets a bite. Eventually including us.

  1. PMM this is such an important issue. Maybe one of the most important. Without food sources that are wild and free the genetic diversity can be lost.

    I am a seedaholic. I am seeking seeds and sprouting every week of the year. It is fascinating.Life springs from a dried dead looking speck of dust!
    Please see this wonderful website
    Baker Creek folks are dedicated to seed interests
    Heirloom seed open pollination is our future… if we can preserve it.

    Get involved on state level to assure Monsanto and other seed demons are held back.

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