Have some poison with your Peanut Butter

More food recalls. Salmonella. In PEANUT BUTTER? Let me remind everyone, salmonella used to be something you got from eating contaminated poultry. Now it is everywhere. Think about it for a minute. How did salmonella make the jump? (Hint- think manure fertilizers)

And it does not discriminate and get only poor people- why NO! That fine upscale store Trader Joe’s has their very own recall. (See? Snottiness doesn’t get you any healthier foods)

Trader Joes Recall

And so you can see there really is not damn difference in paying outrageous prices and regular people prices- here is the Sunland list- which has Trader Joes at the bottom.  Wal-Mart sells the Sunland brand. Sunland- Trader Joe’s- all the same shit- different packagaing. BWAHAHAHA on anyone who thought they were getting better product or more safety by paying twice the money.

Recall of Peanut and Almond Butters

Archer Farms, Earth Balance, Fresh and Easy, Natural Balance, Sprout’s, Sunland- and that is only a partial list.

Ayup. Equal opportunity poison.


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  1. I grind all of my nuts into butters. The thought of these nasty critters in my gut makes me queasy.

    • And it is so easy to make your own too! Alas, the cost of nuts has, like every other thing, gone through the roof in this depression with the rampant inflation. But- either you pay the extra to make your own, or you pay the hospital bills.

  2. It really bothers me because it’s a food that mostly kids eat.

    • Amen to that imust. Basic sanitation is severely lacking. As with hamburger and e-coli- the process of grinding spreads the bacteria throughout the product. I have never given a lot of thought to peanut butter- but apparently it does not go through a pasteurization process after grinding. It is sickening that our food is contaminated this way. One never knows what the next item will be or what toxin it will contain. Arsenic in apple juice and now in rice. E-Coli and uncle sal everywhere- burger, chicken, spinach, cantaloupes- the list goes on and on. And the government worries about RAW MILK? I would take raw milk over all this preprocessed bacteria laden poison. What the farmers have to go through to get a license for raw milk sale is much more stringent than what the mass food poisoners have for inspection requirements. Control the food and water- control the people. Rules and regulations, laws and kick backs- and let’s not forget the friggin Codex and our mortal enemy Monsanto.

  3. Run far away squirrel.

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