An Open Thread

Seems about the only thing we make in the country anymore is Music. This is an open thread. I won’t be around this morning.



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  1. Good luck on your thingamabobby this morning!

  2. …as long as thingamabobbies are made in the USA! 😉

  3. Got the job! Part time. Which leaves time to continue looking for work that pays a living wage. Now I just have to find my diploma- which I haven’t seen in probably ten years. Oh and get three different kinds of background checks. sigh.

    • YEAH!!!!!!! It leaves time to search for a full time job with benefits. YIPPIE!!! I know it isn’t much, but it is something to start with.

  4. Congratulations!!!

    • Just more evidence that women should be running the world. I don’t know any woman who would willingly send a loved one into battle without first trying every other possible solution.
      And a return to single combat by the testosterone impaired would do away with half the troublemakers as well.

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