You GO Girl!

I am not a fan of cheerleading under normal circumstances as I believe it emphasizes looks and that often the athletic talent of the participants gets lost to the uniforms. Uniforms showing tantalizing glimpses to any pervert or pedophile watching the leaps and turns.

When I saw this yesterday I had to stand up and cheer! This young woman is a wonderful example of American “Can-Do” attitude!

The girl with the ‘zebra leg’ wows Hog country – Yahoo! Sports.

So her heart didn’t immediately melt earlier this year when she saw the DVD application of a blonde Texarkana girl named Patience Beard. Nail knew thousands of people would go “wow” when they took one look at the girl, and not in the way most red-blooded males say “wow” when they look at a cheerleader.

Patience was different than any other applicant Nail had ever seen: She had a prosthetic left leg. Nail was sympathetic, but this incoming freshman would have to inspire more than concern to become one of 12 freshmen to cheer for the Razorbacks. The coach would offer “no special consideration” here. Beard would have to do all the stunts, and do them perfectly. There would be no charity for Patience.

A prosthetic leg! And persevering to become an athlete. Now THAT is something! Says the coach-

“She’s the kind of person we want,” Nail says. “She’s a good role model. And she’s absolutely qualified.”

Indeed. She did not sit around feeling sorry for herself or looking for special treatment or for people (the government) to make everything easy for her. She put her mind to it- and overcame tremendous odds.

You GO girl!



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  1. Reminds me of the guy who ran in the Olympics recently with the blade. People don’t realize how much more strength and energy it takes to do things we all take for granted with prosthetics. My daughter wears leg braces to walk and uses other muscles to compensate for the ones that do not work and it is much more tiring for her but she endures and pushes ahead too.

    • The American citizenry needs to take a lesson from this young woman, your daughter and the differently abled Olympians. No whining, no crying poor me- just true grit and perseverance!

  2. Now that’s an awesome story. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great post PMM.

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