How’s that UN “Resolution” work again?

See what appeasement gets us?

Egypt orders arrest of US-based Copts over film

One woman and seven men, including Mr Jones, are accused of “insulting the Islamic religion, insulting the Prophet and inciting sectarian strife”, according to the prosecutor’s office.

It said international police agency Interpol would be notified of the warrants. A request will also be filed with US judicial authorities.

The office added that all the accused could face the death penalty if convicted.

Well well well. The Egyptian PM demands from Obama that we punish blasphemers. A man is taken in for “voluntary” questioning. (uh huh. SUUUUURRREEE it was voluntary!) Said man was supposedly released and is now “in hiding.”

Then we have that lovely UN resolution 16/18- could YOU be a criminal? Read here please.

Now there are those who will point out that that resolution is non binding here in the United States where Constitution (for now- who knows in 4 yrs if the fraud is reelected?) trumps UN bull shit.

Will that do any United States citizen any good if the Islamofascists get hold of them?

Maybe I should start looking in to what kind of powers Interpol actually has- if they can come here and snatch citizens to answer to foreign warrants. Or if any of our treaties require us to turn over suspects to Interpol.

That slippery slope is being oiled while the boot licking MSM is distracting with their nonsense.

How’s that Obama vote working out for us now? A pox on every single ass that voted for him or plans on voting for him!


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    • I saw that Mcnorman- infuriating! Where is the msm on this?

      • Hiding. I’m disgusted. This will not cease as long as we give in, and that is what appeasement has gotten us. I know that a lot of people are absolutely incensed at Romney calling out the Palestinians. They don’t want peace. Anyone who wants peace would shut this terrorism crap down. No one wants more suffering, right?

        • True Mcnorman. They have no interest at all in peace. They have been busy rewriting history for a very long time regarding Israel. If the ASrabs had not encouraged the Palestinians to flee with the promise of slaughtering them all- things might be very very different. The Arab world encouraged them to flee their homes- and have done nothing constructive since. I don’t see Jordan or Syria offering to give up land to create a land for them.

  1. Egypt seems to forget that in America, we have freedom of speech. It is a shame that they are unable to control themselves over a video. More so that they actually expend energy in going after someone in another country.

    • Indeed TC- and it seems our own government is on the verge of forgetting as well. Mr Constitutional lecturer has spent the last four yrs working to throw our rights under the bus. Now that we have signed off on the supposedly non-binding resolution- the slope got a little steeper.

    • Egypt seems to forget that in America, we have freedom of speech.

      I’ve been thinking about that since they last week. How many billions of dollars a year do we give them in foreign aid?

      Would it be so hard for the POTUS to say something like “Look, Bitches – we give you a hell of a lot of money. Our country believes in freedom of speech. Our country also believes that dissent is patriotic. If you can’t respect the values of the country who is keeping you roling in dough, the country that financed and supported your fucking “Arab Spring”, then you get jack shit! Not another dime! Get it?! (ungrateful bastards…)”

      I know, I know – its a little too much to ask for.

      I do have to say that I don’t think this is about a video at all. IMO, all of the apologies and capitulations over the past 4 years have emboldened them to disrespect us. Do you realize what a coup it is for Egypt, a country who has been dependent on the USA for decades, to come to American and demand to bring this film maker to trial? It is the ultimate disrespect, and I don’t think I’m alone in suggesting that we just pull the plug on their foreign aid.

      • Bingo! It is not about any damn video- it is about the fraud emboldening our enemies. (So we can forget about him pulling the plug on aid to his brothers) Nice convenient timing too. How nice of his buddies to blow up just in time for him to try and grab some foreign policy creds. Guess assassinating an Ambassador kind of blew that game up in his face. Anyone who pays attention at all knows wee always heighten security around 9/11. And that the imams always call for demonstrations for 9/11. Lost in the noise of the msm propping up the fraud is the Egyptian demand for the release of the blind shit. All this propping up the msm is doing is absolutely the same in my mind as treason. And vote rigging.

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