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The current squatter at 1600 is a fictional composite made up by who knows who and installed by the puppet masters. So it got me to thinking, if we are going to have a pretend president, why not have a good one? If I could pick one fictional character to be President, it would be Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan. With immediate implementation of the Ryan Doctrine.

The fictional Ryan came to be President after terrorists flew a plane into the Capitol building, destroying almost our entire government. One of his first tasks is to reconstitute the government (while simultaneously dealing with a challenge to his legitimacy as President, following up on the investigation of the terrorist attack and comforting and rallying the citizenry Multi-Tasker!). He calls on the American people to send him REAL people to work with in Congress. And for the most part, the people do it.

In the books, Ryan gets lots of things done. Including croaking instigator terrorist Islamofascist types. He is a true white hat good guy. Kills off Ayatollahs by lobbing precision missile strikes through their bedroom windows. While broadcasting live over the intertubes ROFL! Stops the bad guys in China. Turns Russia into our friend. Gets the middle east in order by using their own law against the bastards- and getting the Saudis and Israelis to go along with it- with public executions! (In the books, Jerusalem becomes a kind of international city- all peaceful and all- I can dream- it is after all just a book. I like the way Clancy comes up with a solution that is so common sense. Too bad the boyz in charge would never have the balls to try such a thing!)

One of the better things about Jack Ryan is that he is NOT a politician. He comes from a true working class background. Did a stint in the military (which ended when a helicopter he was in crashed.) He goes to work. Makes money on Wall Street and gets out. Becomes a Professor (the real kind! Not a fake affirmative action Alinsky lecturer.) Writes a couple of history books. Becomes and analyst for the CIA and works his way up through a combination of smarts and guts. He did not seek any nominations for political office. His service is for the most part for love of our great country (other than one time when he comes out of retirement to help hunt down the IRA terrorists that attacked his wife and daughter.)

My kind of guy!

There are more clips- Hunt for Red October, Clear and Present Danger. My Dad turned me on to Tom Clancy’s books. Everyone needs an escape!

What fictional character would you pick for President?


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  1. One of the best things about President Ryan is that he is a National Security Expert- with REAL education. He would never have allowed an Ambassador to be murdered by ignoring on the ground intelligence warning of the attack three days ahead of time.

  2. PMM, Zero’s is the fantasy that is unicorns and rainbows. It is an immature fantasy…exactly as you have written. Israel is not going to wait until the first bombs are hurled. Let’s not forget that this dumb ass also has N Korea on the back burner. China and Russia are lovin’ it.

  3. Katniss Everdeen.

    • Imust- now I have to admit that once again- I am a modern culture slacker. That is the Hunger Games heroine? Still have not read those. sigh. So tell me about her- and why she would make a great President! She is already up major points cuz I recall she knows what to do with a bow- and it isn’t to put your ass in the air to get screwed by some foerigner!

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  5. Is Jed Bartlet too old to run now?

    • ROFL! I had to go look that up. (Again I show my ignorance of TV or anything modern culture lol) Hey, if you thought he was a good president in the series- then you can freeze time and he never gets too old. That’s the fun of make believe!

      • He was a fabulous president in the series. And his staff was out of this world. I follow them all on Twitter! (Apparently, some folks have taken on the personas of the characters. They do play them well and stay in character!)

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