Our Ambassador is dead and GM is broke.

Saw that in the comments at Greta’s Blog.

Nice comeback for the BS failed catch phrase Osama is Dead, GM is alive.

How many more dead before this is all over? How much will we have left of America? Will we recognize America? The America my grandparents came to as children?

We are in mortal danger of losing the country we all love.

I vote country first.


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  1. That whole “Osama’s dead and GM is alive” slogan was pretty tacky, to say the least, IMO. Especially from Mr. Nobel Peace Prize Winner’s campaign. AlfredNobelmustberollinginhisgrave.

    • Indeed it was. And the MSM keeps massaging. Never once wondering if perhaps that smart ass bidenism might possibly be pissing off the savages? One would think the talking heads could connect the dotted lines from Joe’s comment to the barbarians chanting “Obama, obama, we are all Osama”

      Idiots. God save us from the politicians and the msm.

  2. God help us all!

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