Here we go again.Updated

I have been saying it since 2008. COUNTRY FIRST! Obama is a disaster. Did not vote for him then. Not voting for him this time.

That does not mean I think the other side is all cupcakes and sprinkles. Does not mean I am kicking the Clintons to the curb.

Loyalty to Hillary does not translate to support for Obama. AT ALL. The bots tried that shit in 2008. “But but but” they cried “Hillary and Bill are supporting him!” “If you were a REAL Democrat, a REAL Hillary supporter, you would too!”

It was bullshit then and it is bullshit now.

Obama’s appeasement policy just got us four dead Americans. Embassies being over run. Hello Jimmy Carter II.

The Republicans are not sunshine and lollipops. But dammit- if they get in, maybe just maybe the D party will wake the hell up and purge the plague of OFA. Maybe the so called representatives that we elect will get a clue, get a grip and get some work done for the people. For sure if they get in, we will be rid of that inexperienced, unqualified fraud that was selected by the DNC and god knows who else behind the scenes. Maybe, just maybe, we can stop the Middle East from dragging us into a third world war.

Obama is the single worst thing that has happened to this country in my lifetime. He is the worst thing to EVER happen to the Democratic Party. His support for the Muslim Brotherhood is just as dangerous to the world as the appeasement of Hitler back in the 1930’s.

Hell no I am not supporting him. Not if Hillary does. Not if Bill does. Not if my mother or the Blessed Mother were on the ticket.

That does not make me disloyal to Hillary.


My opposition to the once does not make me a republican either, it does not make me a romney/ryan supporter.

It makes me just who I have always been, since 2007. A Hillary supporter, with eyes wide open. I knew the fraud was going to be a disaster. And so he has.

Something is different? There is  a different planet where Obama has actually done a good job? I missed the passage of the Fair Pay Act? Universal Health Care? He supports the only Democracy in the Middle East? No?

I didn’t think so, so why the hell would you expect me NOT to do all I can to be rid of the stinking pestilence?

I am voting Jill Stein for the record- as our voting process is no longer legitimate – see 5/31/08- and my vote does not count anyway.


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  1. Oh Mom, ya gottit all wrong. Remember?

    PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: Well, here’s what I know, we were just talking about responsibility and as president of the United States, it’s pretty clear to me that I’m responsible for folks who are working in the federal government and you know, Harry Truman said the buck stops with you

    Got that?

  2. I stand with you, ProudMilitaryMom.

  3. Hang in there PMM!

    • Hang? Sounds good right about now. Can’t win. Anywhere. Anytime. If I say I am not voting Obama, well then I just must be a Romney/Ryan supporter!
      Nope. Done. No matter what I lose. If I am against Obama then I must be a Romney supporter?
      Uhm. Nooo. I am AGAINST Obama. That has not changed since 2007.
      What fucking planet is this anyway?

      • We’re on planet “Rock and Hard Place”. 😉 I don’t think you’re an Obama, Romney or Ryan supporter, so I doubt the people who know you think that either. I obviously don’t know you in “real life”, but what I’ve surmised from your online comments and posts over these 4 years is that you are a caring, kind, compassionate, generous, intelligent, hard working and fun person. I think you love your family and your country, that’s pretty obvious. All any of us can do is vote our conscience and then see how things shake out. I do hope you’ll “hang” as in, hang around these intertubes. Because whatever happens, it’s nice to be able to vent and laugh…..and talk about food, especially….pie.

      • If I say I am not voting Obama, well then I just must be a Romney/Ryan supporter!

        Who said that?

  4. Hugs, PMM. There are sane people in the world and this will get better. It just may take a while!


    • XO thanks djmm. It is just very very sad. And frightening. When people I thought “knew” me- don’t know me at all.
      I see many many changes happening around the blogs. And they are not pretty.
      I feel just like I did in 08. There is no safe place (blog) to retire to when the insanity strikes. Mania is everywhere.

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