There is no Democratic Party anymore

I have not forgotten. And I won’t forget. Obama is the worst thing to happen to this country and to the Democratic Party in my lifetime. Possibly in two or three lifetimes.  Not voting Obama. Didn’t vote for him in 08. I did my homework.

The nomination of Romney/Ryan does not change that. The working class and the working poor can not take another four years of Obama. We can not take a Dem controlled Congress either. Remember Nancy “We have to pass it to see what’s in it?” Do you really want them in charge of the White House AND both Houses of Congress? Do you want the Republicans in charge of the White House and both houses of Congress?

Keep em divided. Vote them out. Term limit them until both sides get that they work for US.



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  1. Amen, PMM. Brought up like so many of us: live an honorable life and all will be well.
    Then life thrust me from the position of a stay-at-home mom to the employee of a huge corporation where the atmosphere was … corporate. Several years in, my supervisor (who had a bit of a soft spot for me) commented “You know what your problem is? You have scruples.” I’ve done a lot of thinking about that over the ensuing decades, and as much as I still want to believe the core of my upbringing will result in desired and necessary change, I don’t.

    In a totally different realm, I announce the addition of cat Rosie to my household. She’s 10 years old, and the fee under the “Senior for a Senior” program, is $10. I offered to pay the full amount but was told to take advantage of the discount. Each time I visited her at PetsMart she was lying down. I could tell that she was a neat & petite cat with dark tiger markings. The adoption process was completed yesterday morning, so the lady who gives them all breakfast was there, and Rosie was standing. She’s white underneath, on the chest extending even to her nose and inner corner of eyes, so I’m calling her a Tiger Tuxie lol – full white stockings on her rear legs. Too funny from the rear view. Wonderful and unusual in behavior as well. Will send picture when I take one.

    Thanks for the post. I’ve missed the regular fare around this and that is mentioned only as of the highest tribute to all Uppity Woman has been doing for us for the longest time. Thank you Uppity!!!!!!!!


  2. Thanks PMM.
    Turns out I’m still here. Realized I needed to watch the video you selected. It is awesome; it has everything required to understand the fraud, even the promo for 2016 which I have seen and recommend. It was expanded to more theaters for Labor Day Weekend but viewership did not increase, so probably will not be around much longer.

  3. PMM nothing could bring home the non-existence of our Democratic Party better than the fiasco last Tuesday (?) when CSPAN broadcast live the three votes required to restore two important words to their platform. Thankfully the fact that two important words had been deleted by SOMEONE did come to the minds of thinking people. Not the press of course. Did not that travesty bring May 31 2008 right back to the minds of the victims? Of course it did, but it was no problem for the perps who had done before and doing it again was not tough even though they now were in plain sight. Evil evil evil. Unmitigated gall How do they sleep at night? I’m going to ask my Dem Senator how he justifies staying in the race for re-election.

  4. The problem I have with your strategy of keeping the powers separated so that neither side can accomplish anything is that when we’ve had that, somehow the worst of both seems to get passed. Don’t forget, both sides have the same corporate sponsors and in that they are united and in agreement. So, the effect is that they pass things that help themselves and hurt ordinary citizens.

    To say that the Democratic Party has been a supreme disappointment is an understatement. The Democrats suck because they don’t do what they say they’re going to. The Republicans suck because they really will do what they say they’re going to do. (I’m once again tempted to post the video of Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide!)

    As for the Big Dawg, he knows how to recognize, own, and use power. Power (like time) has absolutely no value unless you use it. Part of the PUMA problem is that we suspected we had some power but didn’t know what it was or how to use it. (The same could be said for women’s problems.) Maybe you can’t have the first thing on your list (like President Hillary), so you review your list looking for something you can have and use your power to get that. I have to believe that Bill has some greater-good ideal he hopes to achieve by using his power. Unfortunately for me, I am not like the Big Dawg–I want my first choice to happen and if I can’t have that, I have nothing else I want. I have largely spent the last four (actually 12) years railing against the things I didn’t want. I am still in that place and just as much as I didn’t want Obama (or Bush/Cheney), I don’t want Romney/Ryan.

    Bill’s presidency lacked a precipitating event (a national emergency), so change could only be incremental, not vast and sweeping. I am getting tired of seeing him blamed for Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, Glass-Steagall, and NAFTA. I don’t think he expected those to remain static. I think he expected those to be tweaked over time. (And as a Lesbian who served before Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, it was a good next step. And Oh, both parties agreed it had to go, albeit for different reasons! I don’t think we’d have gays serving in the military today if we didnt have Don’t Ask Don’t Tell to repeal.)

    If you ask me if I’m better off than I was four years ago, the answer is a very weak yes. Four years ago, the economy’s free fall began. The company I work for took a particularly big hit and began a year of frequent layoffs. It has taken nearly every fiber of my being to keep this job that frankly sucks (and it used to be a rewarding and enjoyable job). Over the past year, they have been hiring. Judisciously, but hiring. The thing is, I should be even better off now than four years ago and there is no doubt in my mind that if my candidate hadn’t been shafted by her own party, I would be even better off.

    I have to point out that I am not better off than I was 12 years ago. I was doing pretty well 12 years ago and had a positive feeling about the future. Now, my 401K is worth about what it was in 2000. I am just under 55, so I am the first generation with no pension AND the first generation looking at no SS. Despite the incompetence of Obama, I know where to squarely place the blame that the economic outlook for ordinary citizens has been stagnant for 12 years. Despite the failures of Obama and the House Democrats, I know who created the debt and the underhanded methods they used to do so. If anyone forgot, Bill Clinton reminded them last week. He basically said, even though Obama sucks, look who really did this to you.

    This is the party that thought the first order of business in the middle of an economic collapse was to make the president a one-termer. The irony of that is that if they had legislated for real solutions in jobs, housing, and banking, by default they would have made the president a one-termer. But they spent all the anti-Obama capital on birtherism, is-he-a-Muslim speculation, and calling him a Socialist. (By the way, that’s the same fiscally-responsible party that wasted millions of dollars proving Bill Clinton got a blow job.) And even then, they ran a slate of partisan idiots. They could have made the president a one-termer by putting forward a candidate that people (including their own) actually want to vote for.

    These days, both parties look like they want to make us all into powerless serfs. The question is, which party will get us there faster? I know the answer to that one. To be clear (in case anyone is wondering), I will never, ever cast a vote for Obama. Nor will I ever vote for the party that bullied their way through the 2000s. Remember Rove, yellow-cake uranium, Halliburton, Tom Delay? Now there’s the Tea Party, which is those guys on steroids and they scare the crap out of me. The Tea Party might have started out as something noble but in very short time, they became wholly owned by the likes of the Koch Brothers and Grover Norquist. They don’t care who the president is. Grover Norquist is all over the House contests so they can override even a reasonable president. Think that’s good for America?

    I’m voting straight Democratic down-ticket because 1.) They won’t introduce legislation that represses women, 2.) with a majority, they’ll have a chance against either machine, and 3.) CT actually has reasonable candidates. I’m voting for Jill Stein for president because that’s what my conscience can handle. I detest both party machines and the miserable choices they give us every election cycle. All the lawyers can argue that my vote for Jill Stein is a waste of my a vote. Let them.

    • You OWN YOUR VOTE Sophie, I totally agree with you. We said that back in ’08 when the Bots wanted us to UNIFY! Remember the “Hillary says you should vote Obama!”? Remember Rendell’s H.O.U.N.D. lame attempt to get votes for Obama? I’m sure you do. We owned our votes then, we own them now. Everybody has to vote their conscience. That’s why we have a secret ballot. (that’s why we should do away with the bullying caucuses btw!). I too am voting for down ticket Dems so no matter how I vote at the top (and it won’t be for Obama) it will be pretty obvious that I am a NO-BAMA Democrat, so that will be the message I’m sending.

    • Sophie- Excellent rant! I detest that Reid has so many bills sitting on his desk. Who knows if they are good or bad bills? Bring them up, debate them, vote on them and let’s go! What the hell is he afraid of? Exposing germs and vermin to the light of day usually kills them. Good things grow in the light. It is, imo, fear and power mongering. Yes, the R’s got us in this friggin mess. Glass Steagal needs to be re-instated. The “too big to fail” banks need to be broken up. Koch brothers on one side, Soros on the other. Personally, Soros frightens me more. I too am voting third party- even though I disagree with much of what Jill Stein has to say on her web page. A third party vote out her in bitter clinger land makes not a whit of difference in the outcome- due to the way the damn electoral college votes are awarded. So- my vote will be cast hoping the PTB notice that some of us are saying NONE OF THE DAMN ABOVE! The only way to get a viable third party is to vote third party. As for down ticket D? I am still evaluating what is on the ballot for us here. There are women in the State Races for both parties, and they all seem level headed and engaged. Oh- and have actual JOBS lol. I have to keep an eye on how I think things will play out for the top slot and cast my down ticket votes with great study and prayer. A D House brought us the nightmare of the bill we had to pass to find out what is in it. I want independent thinkers in both houses- not party line hacks.

      • I have no love for Soros either. I want the rich guys to stop buying politicians, but they will continue to do so as long as it’s legal and they’re for sale.

        So, add that to my rant: Look at who gave you the SCOTUS that gave you Citizens United.

        • SCOTUS from hell! What happened to impartial? I had hopes until the Chief Justice caved on Obamacare. sigh And Soros is the incarnation of evil. Mr One World Order himself. Scary scary man-demon.

        • I don’t know if he caved or if he thought he was playing a political card. The real way to make this thing constitutional is to add a public option or single payer. Not likely he was going to do that.

          And I totally am not over that “we have to pass it to see what’s in it.” I want a law that says they all have to read every word and prove they understand it before they can vote on it. And I want that law to apply to the House/Senate compiled bill that will become law. I want a doc review and a test. At a minimum, it will keep legislation short.

        • Sophie! I agree- no bill should be 2700 pages long. (Most of that bill was giving powers to the Sec of HHS too) I believe each bill should be clear and concise. It should cover only the issue at hand- no adding on(hiding) totally unrelated spending. Short, sweet and to the point. And whatever happened to bills were going to be up on the web for x amount of time before a vote so we could read them? If the legislators can not read them and understand them- then it should not be a bill at all in the first place. Half of them never read the bills- their interns and staff do that- and make the recommendations. Screw that. We pay the legislators to do some work fcs! Their OWN work!Staff should be there to answer the phones, take dictation, do printing jobs etc- not to do the actual WORK!

        • That’s it! No matter how this goes, we should take this up as our issue: The RTFM Act of 2013.

          (Here’s a link for those unacquainted with RTFM.)

  5. My comment disappeared. I don’t know if it’s in spam. It was a little long but basically agreed with Sophie and said, “You Own Your Vote”!

  6. I’m with PMM but I’ve no intention of engaging for debate those who will vote Jill Stein.

  7. I’ve misinterpreted PMM.mea culpa.

    • Pamela- I am not debating the Jill Stein voters either. I detest much of what she has to say- she would decimate our military. (though the military spending on toys needs to become more transparent and reasonable.) (The fact that she is from Chicago and lives in Lexington MA? I KNOW Lexington- hoity toity holier than thou- had enough of those thanks)
      Anyway- her positions are, to say the least, extreme. And I am not voting “for” her- I am voting against the PTB.
      Imust- sorry you were in Spam- I think MKBill is bored over there and so he visits our blogs to keep his spamming muscles toned lol.

  8. LOL on MKBill PMM! Spamming muscles! ROFL!

  9. Democrats not repressing women:

  10. Just an aside about Thoreau.
    Guess who was doing his laundry and preparing his meals while he was “reflecting upon simple living in natural surroundings”?

    His mommy and his sister!

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