What The Hell Was That? (Updated to include the vid from last night)

Ok, I am not a movie fan. Or a TV fan. But even I know Clint Eastwood portrays tough guys like “Dirty Harry” (my husband never misses a rerun ugh) Tough Guy. So when I heard all the hype over the Mystery Speaker for the RNC and that it was going to be Mr Eastwood- I expected something like this

Or the Dirty Harry Make My Day clip- which I did not post as it is already being called racist around the web.

Instead, he attempted to do a stand up comedian routine. Painful to watch. Took me quite some time to get what the heck it was he was doing.  Once I got it, it was still disturbing. I was very thankful the delegates gave him lots of applause- at least out of respect. (and manners)

It was painful to watch. Painful. What was the point of that? Was it to play to the elderly who have been thrown under the bus as incompetent but still know better than the kool-aid chugging obots? ‘We might be old, we might stumble and dodder along, but we STILL know better.”

Lots of the conversation I have seen around the blogs are playing it as brilliant! And I saw Obama sent some tweet saying “This Chair is Taken” so it got under the thin skin of faux president.

But cheese and rice. As noted at the beginning, I am not a big movie or tv watcher. And I found it painful and it took too long to get to the point. And I am a pretty average person. I think there are millions more like  me out there wondering

“What the HELL was that?”

I had to go back and see it again after reading all over the web how GREAT it was! How Clint “KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK.”

Nope. Still painful to watch. Even though I now know what the premise was. Not hilarious. Painful.


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  1. Bringing my comment up from downstairs because it goes here.

    I think the idea was good but wasn’t pulled off as well as it could have been. Either folks are giving him the benefit of the doubt due to his age or they’re just spinning to fit their own narrative (or both).

    HT to FixIt Fairy.

  2. Ugh. I thought Clint Eastwood was pitiful. Absolutely pitiful and painful to watch.
    And sorry, but Mitt’s BS about ‘Freedom” does not square with his bs at the end about sacredness of life and traditional family/marriage.
    Freedom to tow the same old line. Freedom – as long as we are willing to subjugate our freedom in the name of marriage and child bearing.
    Look, if women want to CHOOSE to have children, bear a rapists child, not get abortions etc etc etc; good on them. They are free to make those choices. I was pissed when so called feminists attacked Sarah Palin and her daughter for making the choices they did.
    But the R’s seems to have forgotten that I might not make that same choice. And I am not willing to give up my right’s, or my daughter and grand daughters RIGHT to make their own choices.
    God I hate this election cycle. Fire or drowning.

  3. This is Samantha Bee from the Daily show on Romney’s Choice: I hope the embed works.

    The Daily ShowGet More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,The Daily Show on Facebook

  4. I agree PMM. I expected a tough, gritty speech perhaps something along the lines of that halftime superbowl ad. Using that metaphor then perhaps Clint would talk about needing a change at quarterback, maybe even mention great football game examples.

    I too found his “speech”…….”comedy routine”, whatever it was….. well, I also found it difficult to follow. It was stilted and at times painful. I don’t know if maybe it wasn’t well rehearsed or if he’s not used to a teleprompter or what? Do actors use teleprompters?

    I get the whole empty chair thing and if done better it could have been an effective and scathing rebuke of Obama…….because he’s an empty suit and let’s face it he doesn’t occupy his oval office seat very often at all. (True confession, I’m personally thankful he leaves the seat empty a lot)

    When Eastwood finally got around to what seemed to be his point, I thought he got that across. The point that we own this country, the politicians work for us and it’s OK to let them go if they’re not doing their job. (Obviously most interpret that sentiment to be aimed at Obama, but I’m not so sure he didn’t mean a broader throw them all out and of course he meant throw Obozo out)

    He didn’t say it, but I think he was basically saying we need to look at this election as a job interview for both candidates. Maybe he should have said that because it would have driven the point home as far as the failures of Obama and Romney’s long track record of success.

    I’m glad the audience was courteous enough to give him a standing O, but I assure you…..you weren’t the only one scratching your head. It was a bizarre speech/comedy routine. He clearly got off some good lines, but for me they weren’t as effective as they might have been because of the overall delivery.

  5. Good clip Sophie. The anti-choice brigade just does not seem to get the contradiction in their beliefs.
    Freedom! Government out of our lives.
    Unless you are a woman. Unless you are endowed with a uterus and ovaries. In which case, no freedom for you!

  6. i’m glad that it got under his skin. 82 and still kicking Not bad for a guy his age. He doesn’t get retakes.

    In comparison, dumbass has had a lot of practice and still is dysfunctional without the TOTUS.

  7. It could’ve been just as effective if Eastwood pointed to an empty chair and said “I’ve got Mr. Obama sitting here..” and then delivered an address that dealt more with why he thought Romney should be elected. At the end of that speech, a couple of workmen could have wheeled out a dumpster and threw the chair in and rolled it off stage.

    That said, Conventions are meant to rally the respective bases of the parties. If you don’t believe me, watch the upcoming Obamafest. There will be NOTHING to connect with for any of us (unless you’re an Obama supporter). I’m sure they will have their share of similar badly scripted moments, except the MSM will NEVER discuss them. Anticipate another love-fest for the unprepared, inexperienced and ill-advised pathological narcissist who can’t even occupy a chair.

    And like mcnorman, I’m delighted that this piece of “shocking rubbish” got under the thin skin of the POTUS. It wasn’t the content of Eastwood’s words – rather, it was the all too telling empty chair that did him in.

  8. Mom, I respectfully disagree with you on Clint. Admittedly, it was crazy/bizarre, but it worked. Here’s a comment I left at JWS’s about the performance:

    “…. It was actually funny and so irreverent. Remember, Clint is an icon–he can say “the Emperor has no clothes” and people will believe him. And, he’s Hollywood…who better to call a prop a prop.

    History will treat this segment kindly; that’s my prediction.

    PS: The obama-empty-chair Twitter account is already up and running.”

    • NES- Thanks for coming by! We are allowed to disagree- and I will say that we will just have to disagree on this.
      I am not sure it worked at all. Unless as Anthony pointed out above it was meant to work for the base.
      For a moderate like me, who knows very little about Mr Eastwood, it was, I repeat, painful to watch. It took me quite some time into his spiel to “get” what he was trying to do. And I was really paying attention.
      For the average viewer clicking through channels? They might just have been so pained by seeing an icon struggling that they clicked right by.
      I hope you are correct. The man is a legend- and last night was not Clint Eastwood the legend at all.

  9. I have mixed feelings about Clint. I thought his performance was as PMM described, difficult to understand and cringe worthy. I guess I was more shocked that he was so old. I feel silly about that because, well, everyone gets old!! I keep asking myself, if he had seemed less feeble, would I have enjoyed it more? Mostly it made me feel long to turn back the clock, when the stars and icons of my youth were strong and in their prime.

    • I guess I was more shocked that he was so old.

      I agree. We see these people on the silver screen and we expect them to magically not age. How can we be so silly? 😀 The mirror is NOT my friend. Neither are cameras.

      I saw the same thing, an old man trying to make a point about the man who is supposed to be in that POTUS chair. What struck me was that Eastwood represents the “greatest generation.” This is the generation that is being hit the hardest by this administration’s policies. I think that is why the GOP used him. I know that there are many ways that it could have been better. I really do think that everyone who watched perceived him in very different ways.

  10. My Hollywood friends have been saying that Clint has dementia for at least the past year now. Not kidding, they are serious. I had lunch with a couple of them today (die hard Bark supporters) and they felt bad for Clint, no animosity, just sad to see him like this. He has been an out and proud Republican for decades and a non bull shitter, so people respect that. They felt bad to see him so old, as did I. Actually, I’ve never been into his movies, but I love Kelly’s Heroes and Where Eagles Dare.

  11. I think Bark did that as a joke. Trying to be funny. I can’t imagine why he would care about Clints skit at all. He’s been called a million times worse about a thousand times a day. I think he started off thin skinned, but he must be toughening up by now.

    • I disagree. He’s a narcissist. He doesn’t grow up, or toughen up or change. My husband always says that Obama just wasn’t “ready”, implying that, after 4 more or 8 more years as a senator or VP, he would have been “ready”. No, I tell him….Obama would never be ready, he may have been older, but never wiser. Like a child, the world revolves around him and he is incapable of seeing it another way.

  12. Well he is a narcissist for sure. Maybe you’re right. Its all subjective anyway.

  13. The Daily Show isn’t usually on on Fridays, but it was last night. The first segment talks about The Chair:

    • And if I may…

      A bit back, I quipped over at Uppity’s that if Romney would run America like he ran Bain, which states would get cut? Funnily enough, there’s a segment on that topic in this episode! (Sadly, without a hat tip to me.)

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