Hypothetical Question (or maybe not)

Here is your scenario.

An evil foreign invader takes over and quarters a soldier in your home, against your will. The government that took over and allowed this to happen says you may not take any steps to rid your home of the soldier. This soldier takes over your life, dictating what you will eat, what you will wear. You are, for all intents and purposes, forced to become a slave to the soldier. You may not go anywhere without first accounting for the soldier. If there is a shortage of food, the soldier will get first dibs. You must do all in your power to see to the needs of the soldier, who has been quartered in your home, by an evil foreign invader, against your will.

Do you meekly accept this? If given the choice, would you fight like hell to prevent it? Or would you meekly accept? 

So what was your answer?

You would not accept that?  You would fight back?

What if you had the chance to invite in the evil government? Your nation is in the shitter and the evil ones, whom you have always know to be evil, are promising to fix it. Only problem is, you have to accept that little thing. That one little thing. A soldier can be quartered in your home, against your will, at any time. And you will have no choice.

Would you vote that government in?

Neither would I.

Now. The soldier quartered in your home, against your will, is an unwanted pregnancy.

Get it now?



256 Responses

  1. Good one Mom!

  2. It works. Thanks.

    • You’re welcome Sophie.
      I remain adamantly opposed to Obama. But I won’t pretend that all of sudden the R’s are all for women’s rights- or that women’s rights don’t matter, or have to take a back burner (AGAIN)
      This analogy was the best I could come up with on the fly.

  3. Upps sent us here to post our convention snark. If that’s not okay with you, say so.

  4. But Jeb, you can’t get RAW milk!!

  5. It’s fine with Mom. She’s a sport. And you are definitely safe from PODs.

  6. Did you hear Jeb say his brother kept us all safe?

    My head exploded on that one.

  7. EWWW. Another shrub. Jeez. Just like the Kennedys and bad pennies.

  8. I have lots of cherry tomatoes. Wanna throw some at the TV?

  9. Hmmm…”Just My Imagination” is Mitt’s campaign song?

  10. I have to go put the animals up. BRB.
    What is the drinking word for tonight?

  11. This was the schedule, but they’ve been moving things around.

    7:00 p.m. Convention convenes
    Call to order
    Introduction of Colors US Central Command Joint Forces Color Guard Team
    Pledge of Allegiance by Dylan Nonaka
    National Anthem sung by SEVEN
    Invocation by Ken and Priscilla Hutchins
    Remarks by U.S. Rep. Connie Mack (FL)
    Reagan Legacy Video
    Remarks by Newt and Callista Gingrich
    Remarks by Craig Romney
    8:00 p.m.
    Remarks by Governor former Jeb Bush (FL)
    Remarks by Bob White, chairman of Romney for President campaign
    Remarks by Grant Bennett
    Remarks by Tom Stemberg
    9:00 p.m.
    Remarks by former Massachusetts Lt. Governor Kerry Healey
    Remarks by Jane Edmonds, former Massachusetts Secretary of Workforce
    Remarks by Olympians Michael Eruzione, Derek Parra and Kim Rhode
    10:00 p.m.
    Remarks by U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (FL)
    Remarks by presidential nominee Mitt Romney
    Benediction by Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan
    Speaker Boehner declares convention adjourned

  12. I heard there was a circus over here!

  13. Looks like tonight is going to be the Faith night. They’ve been working up to mainstreaming Mormonism. So, we could pick faith, Jesus, Mormon and get really sloshed.

  14. imusthaveadrink!

  15. [checking pockets] Sorry fresh out of drinks….

  16. We’re picking a drink word or words…any thoughts?

  17. Oh lookie I found some….

    • I can’t believe someone actually made that video and posted it! Is that really wine? I’m going to pour some real wine. This guy is really boring. Glad I don’t have to sit through his sermons regularly.

  18. hmmm……repeal and Obamacare?

  19. I’m sure this guy is very nice, but what a stiff speaker!

  20. How about this? USA! USA! USA!!

  21. Obamacare is definitely a word to make us drink! (even without a convention lol)
    Faith. Ok then. Let’s see if they tiptoe through the tulips of choice and gay rights.

  22. we’ll get wasted!

    Isn’t that the point?

  23. Was Mitt a Boy Scout? This guy is making him sound like one.

  24. Someone compared Mitt to Ned Flanders…..I think that was spot on!

  25. Maybe “Mitt Romney” should be our phrase.

  26. I feel like I’m at a revival meeting.

  27. Who is Ned Flanders? And did this guy say “Medford” Ma? If so it is pronounced by the natives “MehFa”

  28. Okay, they’re making it hard to be snarky with these speakers.

    • LOL yup. Hard to make fun at a revival meeting. Wait though-Mitt will be along. And I am sure we can find something to say about dolan’s remarks.
      Is this lady gonna make it through this speech? Or is she going to break down altogether?

  29. Boy Scout! Who said Boy Scout up above? You get a point!
    Boy Scouts are good right? Girl Scouts are bad? Do i have that right?

  30. He did her laundry????!!!

    • LOL NO- he folded the laundry she had hanging around the house. Nice, but a dryer would have been welcomed I am sure. But maybe he wasn’t a gazillionaire then.

  31. Like you said above this is not snark material. What in the world with Chrissy do? Talk about heads exploding. There must be an hour of silence on MSNBO.

  32. Well,now I understand why Mitt’s campaign is so lackluster.

    • Vanilla.
      The guy says “urgent” like he would say dog or apple.
      I think the problem is the teleprompters. Well, part of the problem. How in the world did they prep all these people? Was there a teleprompter seminar for them? TOTUS 101, 201 etc? It is not possible to look or sound natural using one of those things.
      i saw Hillary and Bill in 08- and neither used a teleprompter. Hillary used some notecards at the beginning for the names of the local dignitaries as did Bill. After that- on to the speech and questions- with no notes, no paper, no TOTUS.

  33. Those tears in the audience were genuine. Hell, I even shed a few as I saw the pics of that kid in a hospital bed because it brought back my neice and her long losing battle with brain tumors. He is no doubt a good man. I was considering voting for him until he picked Eddie Munster. That was the deal breaker.

    • Yeah, I was surprised at the Ryan pick. After hearing S. Martinez, I wish he had picked her.

    • Likely, if he was running as the moderate former governor of MA instead of against that guy and didn’t pick the Randian Ryan, most of us could have held our noses. But he ran against himself first and then he brought in the Kid Munster.

      • I know. Too bad he had to run against, Sweater vest, Bachman, Paul etc for the nomination. They really pulled him right IMO.

        • See, I don’t buy that. Here was a chance for a strong moderate candidate to expose and extinguish that batshittery. The problem is, the Repubs had to do a complete makeover because the stink of Bush/Cheney still persists to this day.

          It really did take a Clinton to clean up after a Bush.

        • Have to agree to disagree. Mitt had a hard enough time, even with all the $$$ he had because a Daddy Warbucks benefactor was funneling money to Newt and the wack jobs in places like Missouri were giving Sweater vest steam. In the meantime the wack jobs were hammering Mitt on Romneycare and RHINOizing him.

    • Yup, I was almost ready to vote for Mitt- then he picked a vagina minder to appease the extremists.
      Wonder how that’s going to work out for him. Lose the moderates, gain the fringe.

    • Yeah, I was surprised at the Ryan pick. After hearing S. Martinez, I wish he had picked her.

      Me too

  34. Here we go……..You didn’t build that..

  35. Mitt has a lot of geezer friends.

  36. Gosh, they have pulled out EVERY Hispanic Republican they could find! And yet, there’s Arizona. I really admire the perfectly mixed messages.

  37. One thing JWS said a while back–this election is going to be about competence. They sure are driving that competence theme at this convention.

  38. PFFFFTTTT on cutting the taxes back there. I believe the income AND sales tax are both still over 6%. And it used to be you paid excise tax, then registered your vehicle and renewed it every two years. Now it is every year- and you pay excise tax to your TOWN every year for your vehicle. Something about the towns losing state aid.

    • Our sales tax is almost 9%. Car tag/registration every year too.

      • We renew our tags once a year here in PA- costs 35 bucks. And the excise tax is one time only when you buy the car and register it. Sales tax is 6% here too- food is exempt. Income tax is 3% (was under that until just a few years ago)

  39. Family Values. See my post below this one. Don’t get me started. Family Fucking Values. Rah rah rally the righties!

    • I saw your post. It was spot on. They have a pretty narrow definition of Family and they get to decide who gets to call themselves family and if you’re not in their kind of family, you are no one and your vote down’t count, your voice isn’t hear, but keep sending in those tax dollars so we can spend it on introducing legislation to further define family and each gender’s roles in it.

  40. I’m sorry–no one is this Effing selfless…this sounds a lot like those Obama testimonials from 2008.

  41. A black woman touting his creds with wimmenz. Damn. I am trying to be snarky and it isn’t working! 42% wimmenz. Good job. Ranked 1st.

    Damn, he cared about it and delivered. Clearly.

  42. This appeal to the wimminz is really a focus for them. Watch it Dems. This must be making heads explode at the usual tv shows. Or are they even showing this speech?

  43. Authentic vs Fraud. She’s a liberal dem!

  44. musical interlude then olympics people, then surely the mystery guest is on… clint eastwood (the band was rehearsing The Good, the Bad and the Ugly theme song at soundcheck) and then Rubio and Mitt.

    Nothing to bash? Not fair!

  45. It is a sour grape, I guess. I did have that blue blob but it disappeared today. I am now a sour grape anyway so it fits.

  46. imust, maybe it is a blueberry or concord grape and we can make it into a pie?

  47. Good lips and can suck chrome?

  48. Don’t worry imust, I can eat my way out of any pie.

  49. You were right….the Olympics!

  50. OK I have to give them points for strategy. Wimminz, Artur Davis, and if I heard it right the last speaker was also a (former?) Dem. Hispanics.
    Looks like they are trying to present themselves as the Big Tent Party.

  51. USA – Drink!

  52. And PFFFTTT on the asswipe at the neighbors who has a problem with people chanting ‘USA USA” probably hates the patriotic songs too.

  53. Kept that fire burning….good line. Maybe change it to Kept the torch burning and you have a slogan.

  54. Hispanic from California….how rare!

  55. Ah, that’s why I am a grape now. The fruit of the grape – vino!

    Hail Bacchus.

  56. karen, I think you’re right and the best snarking opportunities were during Jeb and Newtie.

  57. This guy Parra is a good speaker.

  58. Well Soph, they scripted this night more carefully than the last two. Even the band isn’t playing on the wild side tonight. It is a night to cling to your flag, your bible and your alcohol!

  59. Oh Jesus! The Revival Meeting starts in earnest! Sing along if you believe!
    Is the collection plate going around?

  60. Haha they played “Make the Change”
    Now Clint!

  61. Ding! Ding! Ding!

    Bonus shot time!!

    Cheers everyone–good sports and good states-people that we are.

  62. Here comes Dirty Harry.

  63. Clint, not Clinton…

  64. God He looks AWFUL! AWFUL! Who ruffled his hair?

  65. Clint, Jon Voight–these are REAL people because they’re conservative.

  66. What the hell is he talking about? They brought him on for why? This is supposed to rile up the base?
    I guess I don’t get these people at all.

  67. This is not good.

  68. He thinks, possibly, it may be time for someone else to come along …think…possibly…may be…

  69. I’m cringing……..

  70. Geeez We can’t make fun of him. He is old. I mean old. Is he talking to the chair? What is this a Jimmy Stewart movie? Harvey?
    Wait, no, he’s a comedian now?
    Jeebus. They couldn’t get Cosby?

  71. Where’s the hook?

  72. Ok I see, he is supposed to be talking to Obama in the chair. He is having a conversation with Obama.
    Now that line about Biden was funny.

  73. Is he just ad libbing?

  74. I think Clint is not using a teleprompter. What did I say about a well scripted night? I take it back.

  75. THANK GOD HE’S DONE!!!!!

  76. Now the media will have something to talk about regarding tonight.

  77. I already like Marco better than Paul Ryan.

  78. Rubio has all of those unfortunate opinions on how to manage women’s bodies.

    • Send all the R men a copy of my post here.. Send them the first half and when they answer the question, send them the second half. As a matter of fact, send it to all the anti choice people.

  79. Clint is a cadaver for chrissakes. He is not aging well, just like the Repubican Party. lol.

    Clint is kind of like strom thurmond. Actually dead but propped up well.

  80. good golfer!

    bad president!

  81. Ok- I have to vacate the room here now- the chimney is up and needs to fire up so he can get awake for work.
    You all are welcome to the use of the hall. Be nice. Lock the door on your way out! Last one out turn off the lights!

  82. Strike what I said about Marco…..you’re right Sophie, Marco thinks he’s a preacher.

  83. I hope they transcribe clint’s rambling for posterity.

  84. night PMM! We’ll clean up, no worries.

  85. News Flash from Drudge: Hilary staying as far away from Charlotte as physically possible 🙂


    • They make it sound like she doesn’t want cooties on her. She has work to do in China and Russia, etc. She surely has had her sleeves rolled up every day. She will leave a big gaping hole when she goes and they will never fill it.

  86. Is she gone? Where’s the key to the liquor cabinet? Turn up the music. PAAAAARRRRHHHHHHTTTTYYYYYY

  87. Walking in the aisle, that’s different.

  88. Humility? Haven’t seen that in 4 years.

  89. Americans always come together after elections. HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. Optimism is hope with more letters.

  91. USA chants!! Drink everybody!!

  92. bottoms up

  93. Oh, just chug the rest of the bottle…

  94. Check us out–GMTA!!!!

  95. Drunks think alike too. Just sayin.

  96. Most boring speaker of the night wants to lead the country.

  97. He’s gonna cry! Yikes!

  98. Choke up when the job is NOT too far from home. Oh no. Ann, the kid isn’t leaving the basement yet.

    Get ready for more USA chants.

  99. Wow, that’s three people in a row talking to the people who voted for Obama and have regrets. They assume these folks are watching. Certainly, no on in that room voted fr Obama.

  100. He said, “hell”….oh my!

  101. The Ryan’s are holding hands and look like they are falling asleep.

  102. He won’t get a diploma now imust.

    I keep thinking of Carville and It IS the economy. Mitt gets that.

    It must be about jobs first. JOBS the 3 letter Biden word.

  103. I flipped to Jon Stewart who is doing a Ryan segment.

  104. More USA chants!! Drink!!!

  105. Why do they always have to build to a cresendo and yell at the end?

    yawn. It woke me up.

    • I was over at a neighbors place and they thought Clint delivered it well. I guess we were not drinking the right stuff, imust!

      • hmmm…..we were chugging at every chant….I thought we held our own!

        • Maybe they were toking at every mention of USA? They said Clint kicked ass and I thought he made himself an ass.

      • It’s not about drinking the right booze. It’s about seeing what you want to see and making excuses and free passes. It’s about polishing a turd. Remind you of another year?

        • To be honest, I kind of like USA chants for a change. Unfortunately only one gender gets to choose their own life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. The other one gets legislated.

  106. Here is some Jon Stewart snark. Check out the 1st clip: Romney, a human being who built that:


  107. My dudes wouldn’t let me watch…not that I really wanted to. So I’m having a nice Rangpur Tanqueray and tonic.

  108. Most of the neighbors thought Clint was awful, I was just surprised to see any of the sites saying Clint “kicked ass” and nobody answered that he smelled up the stage like ass. Ryan was wincing as he reluctantly clapped. They cannot spin this. It is, dare I say, historic.

    Night all. Thanks for the company. It is terrible going though this election with few real life friends who know what I am talking about. Most people just don’t care much about political minutae.

    • I think the idea was good but wasn’t pulled off as well as it could have been. Either folks are giving him the benefit of the doubt due to his age or they’re just spinning to fit their own narrative (or both).
      Fixit Fairy was here

  109. Jon Stewart & Colbert were both hysterically funny tonite. Highly recommend them. And Stewart had Michael Steele on & Colbert had Jon Huntsman.

  110. Nice clean up job friends!
    I did watch Mitt upstairs- and Rubio. They were both boring. B.O.R.I.N.G.
    And of course Mitt had to pander at the end with the marriage and life bullshit.
    Mitt was making an obvious play for disaffected O voters (and pissed off Dems)
    So what makes them think any of the swayable voters were watching? Let’s face it- the people who watch these things are the ones like us- who follow politics. The rest are going to get the version spun by the kool-aid dealers of their choice. CNN, MSNBC, Etc.
    And there it is- first thing on the news- Clint Eastwood.

  111. Thanks for letting us crash and vent.

  112. Thanks PMM 🙂

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