None of the Above

Way back in 08 I cast my vote against Obama- knowing him to be a con man, inexperienced, unqualified and with some downright scary associates. From Nov of 08 I knew I would not be voting for him for a second term either. I watched with horror as the Democrat party I thought I knew slid further and further off the left cliff disregarding the will of we, the people. I waited for the 2012 primary season to see what the Republicans would offer in the way of candidates.

The Republicans picked the father of Obamacare, Mitt Romney. How dumb was that? Were they trying to throw the damn election? What a gift to the Obama Kamp. Here the Republicans were supposed to be giving us something in opposition and they give us Mitt Romney. Yikes. So ok, Romney is a business man with a proven track record of turning failing businesses (and the Olympics) around. Not my first choice, but ok. Anybody But Obama.

Fast forward to August 11 2012. Mitt Romney announces his VP pick. Does he pick a moderate, someone independents with fierce beliefs in equal rights can get behind? NOOOOO – he picks- of course- to excite the right wing fundiegelicals- a Vagina Minder.

From looking at Gov Romney’s record in MA- it seemed he was content (or was he constrained by the overwhelmingly D legislature and citizenry) to keep his nose and his laws OUT of our vaginas. That equaled negatives for the right wing vagina nazis. Romneycare did not win him any points with the R base either. So perhaps I should not be so disappointed that he chose a fundiegelical sympathizer. A Catholic one too! Forgot to mention how that Mormon thing seemed to suck off some excitement in the R base.

Well good luck Mr Romney. I hope your choice of Mr Ryan turns out to have been the right choice and that your base will GOTV and make up for the loss of votes like mine. While I will still NOT be voting for Obama, I see no reason why I should vote for your ticket either. I sincerely hope you can unseat the fraud squatting at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. I hope you and Mr Ryan can manage to keep the narrative squarely on the economy and the failed policies of the current administration. I hope you are prepared for the D’s to start harping non stop from now until November about the same thing that gets them the women’s vote every time- Roe V Wade. You see, I know, and you know, that Roe is going nowhere. That big stick is just such a handy tool for both sides. But your choice of a running mate who co-sponsored the Sanctity of Life Act is going to be played over and over and over again in the Swing States.

Yes indeed, as Bill Clinton said- It’s The Economy Stupid. However, the D’s are very very clever at pointing out how much better off women are economically when we do not have umpteen children.

Can you keep that argument in the background? Do you have the tools to fight that battle?

I surely hope so.

But at this point in time, it looks to me like the Republicans have just gifted Obama a second term.


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