The Great Tiger Lily Relay- Updated

Who can help us get Tiger Lily from NW PA to CT?

For those who wanted to make a donation- the organization that is going to spay Smokey Bones and handle the adoptions of the remaining kittens is

The PO Box for Kitten Care and Rescue is :  PO Box 804, Andover Ohio, 44003.

Tiger Lily


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  1. PMM – oh my ; she’s LOVELY!!!

    I can scoop her up from Karen for the next leg of her journey. Not certain that I can volunteer more than 3 hours driving time though. Also would request considerable coaching here about caring for young kitteh while in my care. Esp. feeding while simultaneously keeping kitteh behind door of kennel.

    I am just back from PetSmart; two grays who must be about the age of yours – still fuzzy. The wonder in their eyes is beyond description.

    • WONDERFUL! As we get all the volunteers to check in I can coordinate- I am planning on asking Uppity for advice on the transport- feeding, watering etc. I am going to start putting food in the kennel probably tomorrow morning so they all get used to going in and out.

    • Now now pamela- don’t forget I have the two gray kittehs still- one male one female- very beautiful gray- no need to adopt from petsmart lol! Plus I have a gray striped female and little bitz is not for sure adopted yet either.
      hint hint lol

      • PMM and Sophie too. Me thinks it is time for some serious discussion. I have options on driving length but there are also personal concerns which tend to be restrictive. Same with adopting such young ones. OTOH, I could use some family ties and adopting some Erie cats would definitely provide that. Oh. I have to catch Karen too.

        I hereby authorize Uppity to release any info she has so that we can communicate more directly.

  2. Thanks Pamela!

  3. I will be around, mom, and am able to drive a few hundred miles. I was away for the weekend and have overtime tomorrow – long days at work but I can do the trips on my day off. So nice that your good deed of taking in the mama cat and healing her and her kitts is going to be spread among our little blog family as a blessing of little grey love muffins. great big awwwwwwwwww from me. Such sweetie pies.

    Yes, imust, I said pies… but not THAT literal edible type!
    “Talk”k to you soon.

  4. Ok all- I would like to send an email out for us to share info and start coordinating. Shall I send individual emails or one to all?
    I’m OK going with majority rule.

  5. I’m fine with a group e-mail to keep us all on the same page, so to speak. But if folks have reservations, I respect that too.

  6. I’m fine with group email for the UW family regulars.

  7. Regarding emails and responses, I’ll be away much of today, and into tomorrow.That kid in my avatar – the one delighted to have a salamander crawl up her arm, graduates from 8th grade tonight. Nearly all A’s on report card throughout her years to date. Terrific percussionist. Dependable. Capable in many ways. An “I can help/I can do it myself type.”

    Doubt she’ll receive recognition at the ceremony for any of it, so it is stated here.

    OMG now I’m recalling UW’s Your not special post. LOL.

  8. Went to PetsMart (PetSmart?) today. They had 14 young kittehs, 5 listed as approx 7 weeks old, the rest 8 weeks. Now I can picture Tiger Lily. It’s getting very exciting: eg here I am up past 8 pm.

  9. Ack! Nobody knows this update is here, Mom. Post it in comments please?

  10. Car washed. Front passenger seat cleared of debris. Debating about clearing out whole car….

  11. PMM. It was nice to get the update with your herd of cats.

    It’s the day before July 4th, and I’ve just been over at Uppity’s. Tiger Lilly now on side bar. You’ve raised a legend! How glorious is that?

    Hope you have a really good holiday, & please keep me updated on your account with Kitten Care and Rescue.

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