They are Spinning so hard it is making ME dizzy!

My junk email box has been getting a message from a different othug all day today. They are apparently shaking in their boots. Here is an interesting one

Obama - Biden

What just happened in Wisconsin wasn’t an accident. 

Republican Governor Scott Walker and his allies outspent the Democratic challenger nearly EIGHT to ONE — and one of the most unpopular governors in the country managed to hold on. 

This result is direct confirmation that all the outside money that’s poured into elections this cycle can and will change their outcome. And it’s exactly what could happen on the national stage unless we can close the gap between special interests and ordinary people.

Please donate $3 or more to support President Obama and make sure people, not special interests, decide this election.

Walker was challenged because he’s spent the last year and a half promoting special interests and Republican ideologues while taking away a seat at the table for middle-class families. But when his job was on the line, those same interest groups repaid the favors — and were willing to spend nearly EIGHT times as much money as the Democratic candidate and his allies raised.

This is the playbook Mitt Romney used in primary after primary against Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich.

His ad buys were overwhelmingly negative, and he and his backers poured money into whatever state was next until they got the result they wanted.

Now, imagine this same scenario playing out again in Wisconsin in November, and in Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Nevada, and the rest of the battleground states.

The other side has the money. They know they can buy the election if they spend it. And they are being told every day by Mitt Romney that he will do exactly what they want him to.

We can stop them.

Please donate today:



Jim Messina
Campaign Manager
Obama for America

Seriously? This from the campaign that took over ALL the finances of the Democratic organization (and moved it to Chicago to boot?) THIS? From the campaign that has yet to answer all the questions about their 2008 funding? THIS from a campaign that still insists that “most of their donations come from small donors.” (I am sick of debunking that- but let me do it one more time. If you have 100 donors and 99 give 5 bucks each and one gives 25,000- who gave the most again?) 

This boo hoo bullshit is just that- a stinking pile of smelly BS. Seems I remember seeing a video in 2008- of foreign nationals in GA (that’s Gaza as in Gaza Strip NOT USA) running a call center for the fraud. I recall his biggest donors being oil, pharma, insurance and- GASP! Wall St! 

So it’s ok when Soros and his cronies funnel funny money to their choice- but not when the other side does it?

HAH! Sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander. The D’s are whining, crying, stomping their feet and spinning because the “other side” is playing by the D Rules this time.

Too bad suckers! May the “New Coalition” non Democratic Party have the pants beaten off them come November 6th. 

As NES says- PUMASSpeakNov6!

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