Wake Me When It’s Over

Sick sick sick to death of politics. No party represents we the people and, as we all knew, the Chicago con man and his cronies are the worst thing to have happened to our country in my lifetime. I don’t want to watch the news anymore. It absolutely sickens me that the so-called “free press” (supposed guardians of truth for we the people) are nothing more than paid shills for their respective sides. Undoubtedly more “news” organizations are on the Obama train than on the other- but they are all feeding at one trough or another.

Did the research in 08 on Chicago Slim and his puppet master Axelrove. Nothing has changed. Why bother anymore? Did not vote for him in 08 and not doing it this year either.

So wake me up on what is it? November 6th? I will haul myself and my ID to my polling place (yay PA for voter ID laws- which will stand in court as the state is providing a free ID to anyone who needs it and can not afford it- HAH!) I will cast my vote AGAINST Obama- and that will be that. Then I will go to the movies or read a book or something.

Somebody wake me on Nov 7th. I will have to start getting ready for 2016. It never ever ends anymore. Which is why NOTHING, except campaigning for the next election, ever gets done.


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  1. What da ya think? Are we going to go the way of Greece?


    I see the writing on the wall. Nothing is free and I’m not sure when people will realize it. We pay for everything. Bad choices or good choices, there is just nothing but bad on the horizon.

  2. my Mormon of choice is Rocky Anderson

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