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Decisions, decisions. Here we are about a month from the PA primary and gosh darn it, I just can not figure out how to vote. Here in PA we have a closed primary- meaning we must have a D or an R next to our names and can only vote the ballot corresponding to the letter. I kept the D after the 08 – so I can monkey around with them lol.

So, obviously I am NOT voting for the fraud. Which means I have to decide what to put in that top slot. Shall I leave it blank? Write in Hillary? Write something else- NOT HIM comes to mind. Write ABO or a version of it?

Decisions, decisions.

Put your suggestions in the comments. Perhaps I will take them all and create a poll and we can vote on how I should vote!


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  1. test

  2. Yay! It works again.

  3. That was realllllllly strange.

  4. Hello UW: PMM:

    This is a Test

  5. I IMUST: waving——-

    I guess we are back in business, WP seems to be making changes, and I would have to assume

    working out the KINKS—–that is the best reasoning I can come up with

  6. Very very odd- but it is working now lol

  7. PMM: what is ABO——–

    Definitely write in Hillary—-there is no one else

    It is so DAMNED infuriating

    • ABO = Anyone But Obama

      (so happy I am able to post here)

      In your primary, I’d write in Hillary. In the general, you ahve to be careful. Check with your Board of Elections about writing in Hillary. Some states will automatically count that as a vote for the Big Zero.

  8. Prospera Pascha sit, PMM and all!

    Christus resurrexit!

  9. Write in “Hillary” (that’s what I plan on doing in CA, where indies can vote in the Dem primary.) It sends an unmistakable message.

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