Won’t Be Fooled Again

Got an(other) email from Obama bootlicker Schultz. For your enjoyment- my reply and the email to which I was responding.

Perhaps former Speaker Pelosi should not have allowed the Equal Rights Bill to sit on her desk when we had a majority in both houses?
I for one am not falling for this anymore. Democrats only care about women’s issues when election time rolls around. Roe v Wade or some other scary boogey man comes up every four years like clockwork- and NOTHING gets done.
You are as bad as the Republicans. I take it back, the Democrats are worse for pretending they want women’s rights. At least the Republicans are honest.
Ask me for a donation when a woman gets the top of the ticket.

— On Fri, 3/2/12, Debbie Wasserman Schultz wrote:

From: Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Subject: This isn’t the 1950s
To: xxxxx
Date: Friday, March 2, 2012, 3:20 PM

xxx —

This isn’t the 1950s, it’s 2012. Why we’re debating a woman’s access to birth control is beyond me.

Yesterday, the Senate voted down an attempt by the GOP to let employers opt out of providing any medical service they personally objected to — but the bill was really drafted to let them opt out of covering contraception.

Of course, Democrats in the Senate stood strong.

But right after the vote, the bill’s sponsor, Senator Roy Blunt, said, “I’m confident this issue is not over.” House Speaker John Boehner immediately backed him up, saying, “It’s important for us to win this issue,” before hinting that he’d put it to a vote in the House.

This fight is definitely not over — and we need to stand up for the women and men whose access to care would be denied if the GOP has their way.

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  1. I keep trying to leave you a comment and it says it’s a duplicate, only the original one doesn’t show up. WTF.

  2. Anyways, I said YOU ROCK.

  3. You tell them!! I’ll send my money after ERA passes.

  4. Excellent, PMM!

  5. Don’t go so hard on the Dems, PMM — after all, they’ve promised that for any woman held in detention under the NDAA, they’ll provide free contraceptives for the duration of the War On Terror.

    (btw, it’s not too late to draft a 3P candidate to defeat Downer Debbie in the 20th FLA.)

  6. PMM. I don’t think employers should have to provide insurance for employees. I would rather see employees find their own insurance. Just as I do not think the feds should provide health care or services for folks.

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