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The daughter asked yesterday about the crop of candidates currently spending their way through the primaries. She, like us, will not be voting for the fraud. Nobama in 08, nobama ever. That said, we got into a discussion of how the far fringe elements have taken over both parties. And what it comes down to, imo, is lack of participation in the primaries. 2008 was different in that we of the D persuasion had a qualified, experienced candidate- AND a Chicago con man backed by the powers that be- iow- the money men.The Chicago Way brought us rampant caucus and voter fraud and the outright theft of delegates to push the inexperienced, unqualified, but money men backed fraud over the line.

In most primaries, turn out is dismal. Here is an old 2010 article with some good graphs. I would dare to say that not much has changed. Regular run of the mill average Americans disregard the primaries, choosing to just go ahead and pull the lever in November for whichever candidate has a D or R next to their name.

Shame, shame, shame. Bypassing participation in the primaries has brought us a slew of candidates from the fringes of BOTH parties. It is my belief that most of America is in the center- some slightly left, some slightly right, but averaging out to the center. The fringes control who ends up on the November ballot- because THEY vote in primaries. They pick the most rabid candidates and that is what WE end up with as “choices” in November. The money men behind the scenes know the key issues and words to rally the rabid.

If we want to have an actual choice of an actual center candidate, then we damn well better get out there and vote. And talk talk talk to to others about the importance of the primaries.

And THAT is my new strategy. Get as many involved in the primaries as possible. The lunatic left and the rigid right get the vote out-

the center needs to do the same.

And take back our parties from the freaky fringes.


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