Oh Look! More on the DC Scandals!

Lest we get totally distracted by the OWS “news”- (by the way- how convenient of them to distract from Obama’s scandal ridden administration)

Solyndra is in the news again- but you have to LOOK for the info- as the “news” is all fascinated by some squatters taking over

city parks.

WASHINGTON (AP) – The Obama administration’s decision to restructure a half-billion dollar loan to a failing solar energy company is back in the spotlight as a House panel resumes hearings on solar panel maker Solyndra.

Newly released emails show that the Treasury Department was concerned that the loan restructuring, approved earlier this year, could violate federal law. The deal was structured so that private investors moved ahead of taxpayers for repayment on part of the loan in case of a default by Solyndra.

How lucky for the administration! There is a hearing today! Will it be televised? Or will the “news” media keep their cameras and pens on the OWS?

Add links as you find them-

C-Span is carrying the hearing right now- of course Congress does this while the OWS all over the country are having “confrontations” with the police. Just a coinkydink- right?

C-Span live stream of hearing


Background on the hearing- memos and opening statements.


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  2. BASTARDS! I smell a rat. Congressional hearings are not spur of the moment things. So we have the cops all over the country cracking down at the SAME TIME this hearing is going on? I call BS!
    And Waxman is obfuscating- he sees no wrongdoing. The R’s are supposedly withholding information. Suppressing exculpatory evidence. Investigation is not fair.
    SHUT UP Waxman. Just STFU!

  3. Waxman is STILL trying to obfuscate. Wants a document entered that the R’s do not want entered.

  4. Thank you for saying out loud what I am thinking. The whole thing is a diversion from the many scandals and has been in the works for some time to be “whipped” out when needed. It looks like most of the Democrats on the committee did not even show up. It is up to Degette and Waxman to obfuscate what they can. You notice the Treasury dudes said a loan has NEVER EVER been restructured to pay the US Treasury second to private investors. Degette and Waxman also know that the Republicans are holding back the legal ruling by DOE to confront the idiots at DOE when they appear in future, after they get the Treasury to say they had nothing to do with it, had no legal right to ok the restructuring, and were just trying to be helpful, and were totally ignored. This questioning to clearly lay the entire blame on DOE so they cannot say in future that the Treasury did it. The Republicans are laying this out like a prosecution. And very professionally also.

    • Lulu- thanks- I am trying to keep track of multiple things- and I do think marching orders went out to the various state and city D organizations to coordinate the crackdowns this morning to draw attention from Solyndra.
      Create a crisis to draw attention away.

      • Degette wants as many people from as many agencies as possible at once on a panel so each one gets one or two questions and they can make the testimony a spaghetti bowl of entangled and contradictory factoids. It is the old bull $&!% defense.

  5. The break is over now- and the D’s are going to get screwed here. A memo addressed to different people. The D’s are trying to get the committee to stop because they want the DOE there. Just delaying tactics.

  6. Degette wants to cut off the debate and end the hearing. Wants DOE at the hearing- stalling.
    Why not get on with today’s hearing- question the treasury guys that are there and have another hearing session for the DOE people?
    Can anybody get anything done in DC? Cheese and Rice!

    • Now the R’s are reminding her that they have already agreed with her on future hearings in a certain order and now she is objecting to what she already agreed to. She is very disingenuous and knows that she has been called out.

  7. Blackburn from TN talking now- encouraging them to continue the hearing and get the others in a later date- lol- is her staff reading my comments here?

  8. Ooh DeGette just threw her hands up in the air. Very unprofessional.
    Good moving on to the witnesses! About damn time.

  9. Degette is losing procedurally and is getting pissy. The Republicans have leaked out all kinds of information from the legal opinion that she did not want out without the memo. Selective leaking by the R’s and she was clearly not prepared for that and especially since she seems to be the only Dem sitting this out. Where are the other Dems? Hiding I guess.

  10. Just added a link to look at the opening statements and the background.

  11. Unequal risk. The Treasury guy just shot the DOE. This was a totally rigged game that DOE was pushing. The private investors were not at anywhere equal risk that the DOE was placing the taxpayers. Then to add insult to injury illegally restructure the loan to benefit two private equity funds.

  12. Dingle is digging deeper. He missed the prior discussion apparently. The Treasury did not do the loan, DOE did. That is the sole purpose of the hearing and I think Degette finally gets it. Not OMB either, just DOE. Then they go on to the WH and their directions to DOE. Poor Dingle having to claim they were not criminal but stupid.

  13. DOJ needed to be consulted per the Treasury team because a compromised claim may have been in the offing. Treasury thought “gross misunderstanding” by DOE that they needed to consult with DOJ and they claimed it wasn’t necessary but Treasury thought it would have been wise.

  14. I want to hear from Miller the Asst Sec of the Treasury. She smelled a a rat and kept pestering for info on Solyndra.

  15. Subordination. Can’t do it. Ever. Even non-lawyer civil servants know this is a no-no. They told them over and over and were ignored. Why not contact DOJ themselves. Response it was not our beeswax.

  16. I think the Treasury was told to but out. That it was not their program and go away, DOE is running this. Where is Mary Miller?

  17. Federal Finance Bank. They gave the money. They ARE the lender no?
    Call in Treasury head and DOE heads.
    It is a bit convoluted for me. WHO actually GAVE THE MONEY to Solyndra?

    • DOE. And the sole reason for these two to be there is so the Republicans could establish this fact. Treasury was told to shut up and cut the check. They were consulted but were ignored.

      • So Treasury gave the money to DOE who gave it to Solyndra?
        So it sounds to me like when it left Treasury then DOE wrote its own rules and skirted the law that way.
        God- I had waitresses who could keep better track of their banks!

  18. Yikes. DOE withheld legal opinion from Treasury. DOE were arguing they didn’t need one at the same time they were getting one!

  19. I hope this comes out as a transcript- I am better at retaining the written word.

  20. WHew- that was very convoluted- but I think they do it on purpose to try and keep us in the dark lol.
    Hope that DeGette bitch gets her wish and they call in the DOE like she wants!

  21. It is over! More emails will be released to the press so they can be ignored. I must say live hearing commenting is kind of fun. I thank you for letting me clutter up your blog.

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  23. Looks like the WH has it’s knickers in a knot.

    What surprises could there be?

    Sounds very ugly.

  24. Hey guys, JWS has an EC map up with his predictions. Interesting — you might want to take a goo at it. Mom, you, in particular, would be interested in seeing that he’s confident that PA will be red in ’12; I told him you were less than optimistic that that’d happen.

  25. Hello PMM. Just wanted to stop in and say hi, and to let you know I do visit. 🙂

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