Am I A “Liberal”?

Who the hell decides who is a “liberal”- or not? Is there a check list?

Liberal? Democrat? Lefty? Progressive? Conservative? TP’er? Ratf*&ker?

BS! I am an American FIRST!

One of my fav commenters spoke truth yesterday

Most people are somewhere in the middle

That’s me- firmly in the middle. Not too far left, not too far right. I think we should leave SS and Medicare alone- by preventing Congress from “borrowing” those funds for other projects. I paid into it all my life as did all law abiding citizens. It’s OUR money. It is insurance. Nobody asked if we wanted to pay in. A contract is a contract- give us our money!

I believe a woman should always ALWAYS have control of her body. I also believe that the powers that be have been using Roe v Wade to divide for years what could be the biggest voting bloc in this country. IMO, it is not about abortion. It is about whether women are free and able to make decisions on their own or are we chattel? “Liberals” and “Conservatives” will continue using the Roe V Wade stick to divide us as long as we allow it.

I think our National Debt is WAY TOO HIGH! We are borrowing our way to hell. Oops- that must make me a ratfu&*er or TP’er or whatever insulting term is being used today to describe those of us who do not tow the party line.

I support our military- but I don’t think we should be overseas fighting in the middle east- unless we are defending the one democracy in the area- Israel. All the rest? If they want our help- and that is debatable- but if they DO want it- they can and should pay for it. Up front. Oh boy- another idea that is not far left enough.

Poverty is a huge problem- but our social programs are NOT helping. The number of poor grow every year. Our system is breeding dependency – generation after generation looking to “the man” to support them. While agitators teach them to hate “the man” that is keeping them in poverty. Something has got to change. There needs to be some kind of accountability. Goals to be set and measurable progress toward self sufficiency. (And DO NOT GO THERE! I escaped from that damn system of AFDC and Food Stamps and so forth by hard work and determination. The system punishes any attempt to escape. I KNOW!) Society benefits when we help each other to rise to the next level. The current system DOES NOT HELP! It hinders. It is so flawed that we now have generational dependency. Oops! take away more points from me and throw “RAYCIST”  in to top it off!

And before you ask- yes I have ideas. Number one- make food stamps similar to WIC.  Nutritious food only. No soda, chips, sugary cereals. Food Stamps should be used to purchase – Milk, cheese, fruit, vegetables, protein- NOT JUNK!.  “BUT BUT BUT” they cry! “There are no grocery stores in the inner city! The poor have no access to reasonably priced food!” SO TEACH THEM how to grow food. Get rid of regulations that prevent them from having chickens and eggs in a small coop. And teach them to take responsibility for their children and their neighborhoods so grocery stores can come in and operate without a loss. Oops- lost more  points there.

Obamacare sucks. It was a sell out to the Insurance companies. Our premiums went up- and will go up again. In MA there is a ridiculous waiting list to see a doctor as a new patient- if you can find a doctor accepting new patients. I believe our health care system  needs reform- but obamacare was not even close to a start. Let’s give every American the option to buy into the same insurance Congress gets. Sliding scale fee. I believe that is a  point for me right?

I am NEVER EVER voting for Obama. Which is not to say I will vote for the R candidate either. And I am immune to the bs that if I do not vote for him- oooh horrors- the R will get in and THEY WILL BE WORSE. Uhm- excuse me?  As far as I am concerned, both parties are the same. Did we see any help for women in that healthcare fiasco? HELLOOOOOO? STUPAK? Our uteri get used by both sides. Damn- more lost points for not supporting “the party” even if the nominee is NOT a Democrat.

So I guess I am not a “liberal”.

Oh wait! Maybe I AM!


noun \ˈli-b(ə-)rəl\

Definition of LIBERAL

: a person who is liberal: as a: one who is open-minded or not strict in the observance of orthodox, traditional, or established forms or ways

Gee- that defines me pretty well. Even and ESPECIALLY when I am NOT STRICT in the orthodox, traditional or established forms of the Democratic Party. Well, at least the “new coalition” Dem Party. Support for Hillary was certainly outside the “traditional” “established” norm for the D Party in the 08 general election.

Also from merriam-webster-

b archaic : of or befitting a man of free birth

(archaic is correct but let’s just acknowledge that I include women there m’kay?)

I am an American. And an adult. And I can click on a link, read it and draw my own conclusions. Or not read it. Reading it (or linking to something I find interesting) does not make me a right-winger.

Any more than supporting a woman’s right to choose makes me a left winger.

Infighting sucks.

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  1. thank you for your help with Windows 7. It is so different from XP. I am still trying to find out where things are

  2. Our system is breeding dependency

    The entire U.S. government apparently thrives on it. As do those who live off it. Symbiosis. Neither want it to end either. Sad. Frustrating.

    Especially for those hemorraging through the nose paying in taxes for it.

    • Neither side it to end is true. SO SOOO different from the days when people were ashamed of being on the dole and worked hard to get back on their feet. Now it is “normal” to be accepting govt assistance- nobody thinks ahead.

      • the days when people were ashamed

        Is there shame anymore? There are still many people who cringe at the thought of ever needing and taking help. No shame in that. Ever. It probably is a great motivator if anything else, despite the pain that acccompanies it. It is okay to need and accept in times of need.

        But when there is a continuous expectation of entitlement, and a government that is bending over backwards at every opportunity to offer it so casually and without the strictest of limitations, that is very detrimental to society as a whole.

        • “In times of need” Yes Yes Yes! No- shame is not allowed anymore- bad for self esteem. Seriously- one of my daughter’s teachers told me that when the child was in second grade. Bet the kid that punched my daughter on the playground is a loser today. We are going rapidly down a slippery slope in this country. Yes we should help our fellow citizens- that does not mean support them cradle to grave! Oops- preaching to the choir!

  3. I just wanted to say that I’m thinking of you as I watch the weather and see the damage that mother nature is doing once again. Be Safe.

  4. I’m definitely not a liberal…although I will admit that I was a kind of middle of the road liberal before the last Democratic presidential primary election.

    I’m probably more conservative than you, but basically I think we agree on more than we disagree on politically. I think the biggest problem is the Democratic party has changed so much that it doesn’t even resemble what I thought the party stood for 20 years ago.

    Hope all is well with you PMM. 🙂

    • Nunly- I am sure there are some things we might not agree on- but at least we can disagree calmly and with civility- unlike some uniformed obots back in 08! And 09. And 2010. and NOW! Will they never ever learn?

  5. I love you say that you are an American first. I don’t think I have ever heard Michelle or Barry say that.

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