Did I Just Dream The Entire Women’s Movement?

We are all aware of the preferences for male children in China and India right? Where female fetuses are aborted and female children are killed because the parents prefer male progeny. Here’s a quick refresher.

Rise of ‘missing girls’ in India and China

Of all the world’s major ills – such as war, hunger, and natural disasters – none can quite compare to the millions of baby girls and female fetuses killed by parents who prefer boys.

New data from the most populated countries, China and India, indicate that the practice of aborting female fetuses and murdering girls after birth is still widespread, despite efforts in both countries to curb this extreme gender bias.

In China, the 2010 census reveals there are now 118 boys for every 100 girls, a skewed sex ratio that is higher than a decade ago. The sex imbalance has left millions of bachelors unable to find brides, mainly in rural areas.

Yes we know it. One would think we here in the good old U.S. of A would not have to worry about such antiquated ideas as male children being more valuable than female children. We had the whole Women’s Liberation movement- right? RIGHT? Women can work (for less or to paraphrase our Uppity Woman – “Women! Same as men- only cheaper!”) We can run run for the highest office in the country. (But we are not allowed to win- no sirree bob! Only the menz can do THAT!) Hey- the idiot in chief is even willing to give us wimminz some “rights”! (The right to wear a woolen garbage bag!)

You would think I would be jaded enough by now not to be surprised to find that the preference for male children transcends national and cultural boundaries. Alas- I fear I came screaming out of my chair when I read this-

Americans Like Baby Boys Best


If they were only allowed to have one child, more Americans would prefer it be a boy rather than a girl, a new survey finds.

Despite the intervening woman’s movement, the results are very similar to those found when the same question was asked of Americans in 1941.

Since 1941? The results are similar to 1941???? Are we not in a completely new century now?

Then the article says this

The preference for boys over girls is driven by men, 49 percent of whom said they’d want a son. Only 22 percent said they’d prefer a daughter. Women, in contrast, showed no significant preference, with 31 percent preferring a boy and 32 percent preferring a girl

Perhaps it is just that the men have not evolved? Nope- this is the next bit

Americans younger than 30 are the most likely to say they’d prefer a boy, with 54 percent making that choice, and 27 percent preferring a baby girl.

What have we done? How did an entire generation manage to grow up and get to their thirties with NO clue about gender equality? Keep in mind this is the same age group that brought us the fraud at 1600! Doomed! We are so F*&ked!

And what ever happened to just hoping you had a healthy baby?





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  1. It gets worse…In India parents pay to have their girls turned into boys.
    This gender bending has dangerous consequences…
    “Madhya Pradesh state government is investigating claims that up to 300 girls were surgically turned into boys in one city after their parents paid about £2,000 each for the operations.

    Women’s and children’s rights campaigners denounced the practice as a “social madness” that made a “mockery of women in India”.

    “Ranjana Kumari, a human rights advocate who has been leading the campaign against female feoticide told The Telegraph these gender reassignments performed at such a tender age and without consent shed light on India’s increasing “social madness:”

    She said she despaired that education had failed to stop the growing rejection of baby girls in India.

    “People don‘t want to share their property or invest in girls’ education or pay dowries. It’s the greedy middle classes running after money. It is just so shocking and an outright violation of children’s rights….”


  2. It’s cultural suicide….It won’t end pretty.

  3. I think it’s the rise of influence of Paganism. This is against Natural Law a Judeo-Christian foundational concept. Christians took this further by discouraging the practice of infanticide…rescuing the babies and establishing Ophanages.

    When the natural balance of gender ratios changes (due to famine or disease) it always leads to disaster & often war as History demontrates…the gender ratio & genetic diversity is critical to population stability.

    • Interesting WCA. What are your thoughts on the degradation of women by the established religions of our times? As you and I are both aware, women have been blamed for “sin” since the story of Eve has been told. I always wondered why the hell Adam couldn’t think for himself.

      • I’ve had to do a lot of soul searching & an honest re-evaluation of everything I thought I was taught in both the “religion” I was raised in and the secular religion I adopted when in college and run it through the sifter of experience. Much of what I thought I was taught was not what I thought it was. As I’ve grown older my perception seems to be more clear. I’ve re-read the ethical philosophers I admired and re-read the theologians I argued with….30 years later it is very different. I have given up the war I waged when young ,ignorant & reckless…In my religion the sin is shared by both Adam and Eve…indeed Adam compounded the sin by averting responsibility onto Eve which is why Adam must toil to provide and she is gifted with bringing forth life but with the pains of labor…Joy mixed with pain through labor and yet the greatest Saint of my church is a woman who will triumph with her son in the final victory over evil as the “New Eve & the New Ark” While her son is the promise of redemption…She is the glimpse of who we were before the fall as she is the immaculate conception born free of the sin of Adam & Eve. In my religion true understanding of salvation is achieved when she is added to the understanding. Sometimes it takes a long time for folks to gain deep understanding and in this theology which I so misunderstood I find a logic and balance that both inspires and comforts. She is fully human….but she is also for us the mother of us all. So in the theology of my religion women are not blamed for the fall…Men and women are equal in significance but have different burdens & roles…their roles should act in harmony to each other…natural law… The understand of the theology & the ability to explain it have taken a long time but the tradition of it is ancient from it’s earliest days. It’s actually simple but profound when considered…I guess that’s the best explanation I have for an answer. I quit putting “God” in a box that I was “comfortable” with….and investigated again with an uncluttered or fresh mind I guess. I still care about many of the things I did before but I care about them differently & in some things I have changed the way I thought about them because I myself have changed & the world has changed and not necessarily for the better…I guess. I’ll add one more thing…I find the attack on women like Sarah Palin to be especially vicious and hypocritical by so called feminists as she is about as independent and free thinking woman as anybody I’ve seen. She just happens to be on the other side of the fence and that doesn’t make her arguments of any lesser value but she strikes fear in the establishment feminists which makes me pause & consider. I like how Camile Paglia approaches Palin…and while I don’t always agree with her I respect her…she is a deep thinker…she is often very astute

        • Very well said WCA- I too have gone through a LOT of study and soul searching- and tried different churches and read and read and read some more. I struggled with how my church (Roman Catholic) could elevate Mary and at the same time subjugate “woman”. As a wonderful nun once said to me- God, who is all powerful, CHOSE a WOMAN to be the deliverer of our savior. It was she who at his birth, first presented the Body of Christ to the world and it was SHE when she brought him to the Temple for his circumcision who first presented the Blood of Christ to the world. IMO and experience there are still far too many in the church hierarchy teaching that “woman” is inherently evil because of Eve. I keep studying and trying to come to grips with it all. But have finally understood that we are all equal as children of God.
          Agree with you on the trashing of Gov Palin. I was shocked by the so called feminists who attack(ed) her for her choice. Choice is after all one of the by words for those of us who wish to be free.

  4. Natural Law is a philosophical foundational moral principle of Western Civilization…It was a guiding justification for the Declaration of Independence & our US Constitution.

    There has been a rise in Government Sponsored Euthanasia deaths in parts of Europe as well.

  5. btw….David Mamet wrote a book recently that is provocative but I understand the wrestling he went through & I admire his courage in admitting that he was living right while talking left…


    As Socrates said ” The unexamined life is not worth living”

  6. This is a blog I wander onto often because this woman often writes honestly about difficult issues. She is a devout catholic and makes a person pause & think about moral and ethical issues….just sayin’


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