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In case the news in your area has been too busy covering “THE WEDDING” just thought you would like to know that a nuke plant right here in the good old US of A had it’s power knocked out. The devastating storms and tornadoes that ripped through the south land here knocked the Brown’s Ferry Nuclear Power Plant out and onto

……..diesel backup power and into emergency and automatic cold shutdown.

Bill McCollum, the chief operating officer of Tennessee Valley Authority, said it may be weeks before power can be restored to all of the 300,000 customers whose power is supplied by the federal utility.

“With the level of damage we have, it will be — we hope it will be days until we get most of the customers back on, but it will be weeks before we’ve fully repaired all of the damage,” he said.

McCollum said the reactors, now being cooled by backup diesel power, are safe.

He said the spent fuel pools also are being cooled by backup diesel power and are safe.

Now where have we heard that before? Were we not told that there was nothing to worry about after the Tsunami that wiped out Fukishima?

Think it is irrelevant here?

Storms Knock out Alabama Nuclear Units and Power Lines

All three units at TVA’s 3,274-megawatt Browns Ferry nuclear plant in Alabama tripped about 5:30 EDT (2230 GMT) after losing outside power to the plant, a spokesman for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission said.

A TVA spokeswoman said the station’s backup power systems, including diesel generators, started and operated as designed. External power was restored quickly to the plant but diesel generators remained running Wednesday evening, she said.

The Browns Ferry units are among 23 U.S. reactors that are similar in design to the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan where backup generators were swept away in the tsunami that followed the massive earthquake on March 11.

Nope, nothing to see here, move along! LOOK! Over there!

The MSM sucks. They should stop calling themselves “news” organizations and “journalists”- when all they really provide is infotainment. Bread and circuses.


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  1. Oh man…scary! I never thought about the nuclear plants when I heard about the storms.

    But hey…the most important thing is, what is happening at the big wedding? Will Harry get drunk and hit on his new sister-in-law? Will William smash cake into his new bride’s face? Honestly…there’s no such thing as real news anymore.

    Great post and thanks for getting this information out there!

    • The nuke plants are never far from my mind since the tsunami disaster. And just because they SAY the generators kicked in does not make it so. Right after the earthquake and tsunami we were told no worries about Fukishima either. Pitiful how the MSM no longer cares about their responsibility to keep the government from running us over. Their main job now is to distract the masses. How well they do that!

  2. It’s a carnival day PMM. Can you imagine the msm covering a real disaster?

  3. Jayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyysussssssss.

  4. I was watching a program on the History channel about the Fukushima reactors in Japan—really scary! They had interviews with some of the Americans that were there working that day and it was so amazing to see the bravery of the workers who stayed in the plant even knowing they were being exposed to radiation as they tried to keep the reactor from melting down.

    It made me think of this post. Very scary.

  5. If it isn’t hype, or utter entertainment or devastation, the faux stream media doesn’t care to cover. Fukushima and the like? That is so yesterday! So yes, let the circus theme music play. Quite appropos.

  6. Happy Mother’s Day, PMM!

  7. Happy Mother’s Day!!!



  8. Where have you been, girl? Everything ok?

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