An Open Letter to Elected Officials

Dear Madam or Sir,
Do you remember then candidate Obama talking about sending “price signals” to change behaviors? Let me refresh your memory.

Please inform the President that I have indeed changed my behavior.
That pizza we were going to buy this weekend which would have helped a local business? Well a price signal went out and gasoline went up ANOTHER ten cents overnight to $3.59. The pizza money has to go to cover the cost of gasoline.
That $20 toy we were going to send my grandson for his birthday ? (And the business we would have given the Post Office)- sorry- behavior change! That money went to our ever increasing gas bill to heat our home to 65 degrees during the day and 55 degrees at night.
That gallon of paint we were going to buy to freshen the woodwork? Well we were forced to change our behavior and I guess a bottle of Pine-Sol and a sponge will have to do because that money went to the electric bill that skyrocketed when the electric company was deregulated. Mind you, we unplug every single thing that is not in use; lamps, electronics, the washer, the dryer; even the toaster gets unplugged unless we are using it. Soon we will get a notice saying the electric company has to raise rates again as profits went down because we conserved.
When will this insanity stop? Every dollar we are forced to spend on energy is one less dollar going into the economy. Public transportation is unavailable in our rural area. We afford neither the cost of an electric vehicle nor the extra on our electric bill from charging it.
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Stop the speculating in energy. And how about we make the oil companies engage in fair trade? The simple definition of trade is one of mine for one of yours. So- if they want to charge ridiculous amounts for oil- charge the same back at them for wheat, rice and corn.
Our economy is tanking and the one and only campaign promise Obama has made good on is to drive the cost of energy out of the reach of average citizens. Tell him and the idiots who voted for him I said thanks for nothing.


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  1. This is GREAT. You really nailed it. I, too, conserve like a crazy person. I keep the same heat levels in my home as you do, except even a bit lower. I combine all errands into one day of the weekend and stay put in my house on the other. I make my lunch for work every day and I can’t remember the last time I actually went out for dinner. I haven’t been able to go to Spain or Vail on vacation in a long while either. And, you’re right, every time I don’t go out to dinner or to the movies or decide not to buy something it hurts small businesses. Hats off to the idiot-in-chief and his Marie Antoinette wife.

    • Glad you enjoyed it- please feel free to pass it on to your Congress Critters and Senators. Tweak to your personal situation or use as is. Use it as a letter to the editor if you want! I sent it to both the Senators from my state and our Congressman.

  2. Your points are excellent, PMM. But it is simply impossible for someone with such a paltry resume and tangible, demonstrable, worthy work experience, to be awarded a political position, and actually be a leader. It is far easier to continue campaigning. Promisies, promises.

  3. Great piece, Mom! It’s always amazing to me that he got elected despite all these normally vote-killing things he said. Clearly no one was paying attention to the message, focusing instead on the messenger who promised to redeem their race-guilt.

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