Vote for your Favorite Uppity Posts

In preparation for the Uppity Anniversary blog party please vote for your favorites!

Stolen shamelessly from the “Open Thread Best of “ post at Uppity’s!

Just For Fun Stuff:

You are under arrest for Mollusk Abuse

Live blogging at my Walmart on Black Friday

Unruly teen deterrent; Barry Manilow

Have a happy Rapture Day!

Suspected Radical Republican Bees Infiltrate The White House Garden

Environmental Stuff And Global Warming Climate Change Whatever

Dead On The Pavement With Your PUMA

Take Shorter Showers Or Die

EPA Declares Cow Flatulence an Environmental Danger

No, It’s Not Time To Eat The Dog; It’s Time To Eat Global Warming Crackpots

The GM Jolt…..I mean Volt.

Health Care Stuff:

Make vasectomies illegal and ban prostate exam insurance coverage

Food,Fake Food And Poison Food Stuff

He appears to Giveth but will they Taketh Away instead?

I’ll have the grilled In-Vitro Wasted Muscle Tissue and baked potato. May I see the wine list?

Your new veal sustitute and other delectables

Buy His Eggs and Get Extras: Manure 8-feet high, maggots, Chicken Crap, Rodents and Dead Flies

Presidential Stuff:

Their Lord Has Forsaken Them

One of Obama’s Favorite Walking Cadavers

Special Book For Glorious Citizens of Republic Of Obama

JFK, Walter Mitty and Barack Obama

Most Popular Entry On This Blog: Obama Will Pay For My Gas and Mortgage

We’re so sorry we forgot to say Thank You, Mr. President

Leland Gaunt, Mr. Dark and Barack Obama (2008)

Barack Obama’s Biggest Contributors: Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan (2008, and the numbers are higher now)

Bo The Prop-Dog:

AKC To Obama: Just Get A Dog Already!

Who’s In Charge Here?

Women and the Misogynists, Pigs and Perverts Who Rule Them:

Which Woman Shall We Blame Today?

Utah: Ratty Polygamist On TV Reality Show With His Concubines Gets Investigated

Sarkozy vs. Mr. This-Is-What-A-Feminist_Looks-Like On Women’s Rights

NARAL, NOW, Ms Magazine, All You Clairol Girls Who Ignored The Signs: How Ya Doin’?

America Is On A Witch Hunt Against Women, Enabled By Barack Obama and His MSM

Economy, Rapers and Pillagers:

Some Comfort as Our Economy Improves: It May Soon Be Legal To Sell Your Kidney

Congratulations, Everyone! You’ve Been Stimulated!

I Can’t Find That Missing $2.2 Trillion in the “Commission’s” Proposal

Things Are Getting So Much Better That Chicken Adoptions In Cities Are On The Rise

Edjukashion Stuff:

Start the school day later so kids are in a better mood

Teachers: Red Pen Marks Hurt Your Students’ Feelings

Okay students, gather around little Comrades and Comradesses!

“Improved Schools”: The Effort Honor Roll and Partial Credit For Wrong Answers

Politician Stuff

Let’s Play Pin The Free Pass On Scottie Brown!

The Congressional Gym and Accidental Confessions Of Nekkid Boyz


NY Times Downgraded To Junk, Borrows $250 million at loan shark rate















27 Responses

  1. PMM I voted but it was really hard to choose my favorite in a couple of those categories.

    BTW when we did this before over at UW. I racked my brain trying to remember one of the early UW posts I read and absolutely fell in love with her writing. I poured through the archives and read many I adored but didn’t find the one I knew was there but couldn’t remember the name of, LOL!!

    You have that post the Walter Mitty post!!!

    A favorite health care post she did was a really simple one, she listed her health care plan. Her plan was well thought out and then the comments that followed added so much too. I remember at the time wishing our elected leaders were UW fans……what could have been, eh? That particular post wasn’t necessarily classic UW, but I thought it represented the UW community quite well.

    OK I blathered on enough…..teacher, teacher do I get my gold star??? I voted!!! At least I won’t get punished….but you know Karen isn’t going to vote because she likes being punished….just saying!

    • Still not sure I can manage to pick one fav out of all her posts. Uppity takes us through the whole range of emotions- and keep us grounded- oh and knows when we need to just chill out and have some fun.
      We loves us our Uppity!

    • Socal~
      I know, I couldn’t remember the post that hooked me either. I only know I read UW at No Quarter
      (when I could still read there) and linked to the blog when she finally got one.
      Even though I don’t often comment, I read every day.

      Thanks Mom for doing this. What fun!

      • Oh My pleasure! Truly seriously my pleasure. Reading through the old posts is so much fun.
        And honestly- every one of Uppity’s posts is a winner!
        There is no better blogger on the web.

  2. This couldn’t have been more difficult!
    but I survived. And every time I see Walmart – just the word, I laugh out loud.

    Even my daughter laughed out loud as I read it to her when she was home this Thanksgiving.

    • Thanks for stopping by! It is HARD to pick a favorite Uppity post- I could not decide so just took that thread we had a few months ago and turned each category into a poll. No Way could I have narrowed it down by myself!

  3. I filled in the polls on the first day, but didn’t leave a message – don’t want you mad at me, so came back to type that it was really difficult, but I did it!

    • Good thing too! If I don’t start seeing more votes I might have to get MKBill to round everybody up!

  4. Socal I started reading UW on NQ too. She did several really good pieces there! That Walter Mitty story is one of them.

    If a gun is put to my head and I am forced to pick an overall favorite my vote will have to go to the Mollusk Abuse post.

    I’m glad you decided to break it up by category PMM that makes it a little easier. Maybe you can take the top winners in each category and then come up with the top 3 overall or something.

    • You give me too much credit- I stole the post right from Uppity’s. She is the one who came up with the categories. I just made the polls (and the threats if people don’t vote lol) I do plan on taking the results from each category and burning it down to another poll for overall favorite- which I will plant at Uppity’s for the Anniversary party. Little old troublemaker me heh

  5. no punishment for that was hard cause they are all winners 🙂

  6. Great job Mom! I remembered most of these articles just from the titles, only had to look up a couple. Like most of you, became aware of Upps back in the old TM and old NQ days. She had some hilarious set-tos with trolls on NQ.

  7. Yes the troll slaying! Sadly I fear we will be gearing up again soon!
    Reading the posts is like a trip down memory lane- and the comments! We have so so much fun at Uppity’s!

  8. Okay, I’ve read and voted on half and several I had enjoyed so much I saved them to my computer when she wrote them. I’ll be taking a break and coming back with a fresh brain for the rest later. Thanks.

  9. ok I voted. I proudly voted for the slugs and cow farts. Could not vote for the one about making vasectomies illegal though!

    • Lakerwade! Outstanding! I about die laughing every time I read the slugs post. Hope you stop by Uppity’s on 3/6 and chime in!

  10. Jaysus, I must be getting old. Reading these comments felt better than sex.

    Whatever you do, don’t stop!!!!!!!!

    • LOL You ain’t seen nothing yet!

    • Sheesh Upps!!…what’d Mr, Uppity say to that comment?!! No ribs for you tonight – at the very least.

  11. just voted! a very hard task choosing. If only we had so many gems to choose from in elections.

    Thanks for doing this, Mom. A fine tribute to UW, who has been the light of our lives and the trigger of our laughs since early ’08.

  12. Mom, although I timely voted I must insist on my punishment. One purple lunge whip, please. Lorac will be my second (should I pass out).

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  14. Hmmmm. So many excellent choices….

    And the Oscar goes to…….


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