JFK Inaugurated 50 Years Ago!

How has our country sunk so low in only 50 years? We have gone from having truly great orators and truly great Americans to having a pop star with a teleprompter.  JFK’s words of January 20 1961 are applicable today and well worth the listen.


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  1. Nowadays, a cool rock star status and bowing to anyone is more valued than character, experience, honesty, and judgment. So goes those who supported the winner in the 2008 election.

    • And now they are going to eliminate the public financing option. So we will get either the american idol again or some far right wing nut. Wonder what happens to all those one dollar donations that people have been checking off on their tax returns all these years? As a matter of fact- I wonder how much is in that pot and what they will do with it?

      We are in serious need of term limits dammit!

  2. Hey PMM. I was so busy through Christmas and the first part of the month, that it took me a while to notice that I hadn’t run into you at Hillbuzz lately. How are ya?

  3. Well PMM, how much lying will there be at tonight’s SOTU address?

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