Radio Day- UPDATED Time

John Smart has invited me to be a guest on his show this Wednesday night, Jan 5 2011. I am madly flattered I will be the first guest of the New Year!

Come and join in the fun! 9 pm Eastern time! Call in or play in the chat room!

The John Smart Show

John has asked that I come on from 9:15 to 9:45 Eastern time. Hope to “see” you all there!


5 Responses

  1. I am the one who is flattered!

  2. I’ll try not to miss it, but I do have to be out with my mom and mother-in-law…hopefully I’ll be back in time. I assume there will be archives, though. No?

    • There will be archives! I actually come on in the second half of the show- around 9:30 Eastern time. Hope you make it!

  3. Archives..THANK GOODESS! PMM, an outstanding choice for the first guest of the New Year. Yeah!

  4. Darn. I missed it. I’ll have to check out the archives.

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