New World Sport!

I crowed with laughter yesterday when I saw the world bitch slapped dear reader yesterday and gave the World Cup to Qatar. Even funnier was this quote

“Thank you for believing in change,” said Qatar’s Emir, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani. 

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CHANGE????  Now where have we heard THAT before???? Deliberate or not a bitch slap to barky is just as fun!
Then there’s this-

WASHINGTON President Obama made an unannounced visit to Afghanistan on Friday as he sought to smooth over a troubled relationship with President Hamid Karzai and take stock of a nine-year-old American-led war that he hopes to begin winding down next summer.

Mr. Obama arrived at Bagram Air Base after a secret overnight flight. Bad weather and high winds forced the White House to drop plans for Mr. Obama to fly by helicopter into Kabul to meet with Mr. Karzai, who has complained vocally about American military tactics in recent weeks. Technical difficulties then kept the two leaders from speaking by videoconference, officials said, but they later spoke by phone.

Now let’s see- what do I find extremely weird in that? Do those yahoos expect me to believe that the troops tasked to fly the President- troops who train in all kinds of weather conditions- can’t fly a helicopter in bad weather? Do I look like I just fell off the turnip truck? Let’s face it – the people who fly the President’s helicopter HAVE TO be able to fly that thing in, for example, blizzard conditions. Say- in case of emergency they have to get the President to Air Force One from the White House in a hurry. Do you think they take a car because a blizzard or hurricane is roaring through DC?

HMM- what else is strange? “Technical difficulties” kept the two leaders from teleconferencing? Really?

How about barky got dissed by a corrupt little crook? Seems a more likely explanation to me.

How very like our dear reader- some creep steals a whole lot of State Department secrets and dumps them on the net. His polls at home are tanking. What does he do? Why he takes a trip overseas of course!

Is bitch slapping dear reader the latest world sport?

And of course my absolute favorite blogger – Uppity Woman– had this to say about dear reader’s most recent trip overseas-

“….the press is all upset. If they had any brains they should have known Il Duce would leave town with the unemployment numbers the way they are. He needed to be hugged and held by his compadres in the taliban.”

And of course there are all those yucky Christmas trees all over 1600. He has to go to an Islamic country to get away from the damn things. Oh the cosmos just is not happy with teh one. Unemployment keeps climbing – exposing his claims that the economy is recovering. But his wife managed to get HER school food police bill passed.

The bitch slaps just keep coming fast and furious!


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  1. Thanks for helping us read between the lines–too funny.

  2. “Thank you for believing in change.” Yes, The WC selection committee believed in change alright. But not the kind that Barry had planned. Good for Qatar. Hopefully they will enjoy the WC festivities they rightfuly deserved.

    As for “Il Duce,” he always seems to run away when the heat in the kitchen gets warm.

  3. it will be interesting to wacth how he slithers away the next time the temperature rises.

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