Just damn sick of it- period. The looney leftists claim the ranting righties are trying to shove right wing values down our throats. Ok- great- this is America and everybody is entitled to an opinion. Those on the right claim the left is trying to drag the country into socialism. Well speaking as a moderate middle of the road college educated American I think BOTH sides are trying to shove their values down my throat. And I am sick of it.

The crazies on the edges just do not get it. Those of us stuck in the middle and getting squeezed don’t subscribe to either extreme. I value Roe v Wade – because it puts ownership of MY body in MY control. Hello? Anybody want to take a guess what would happen if certain fundies started screaming that vasectomies kill babies so no man is allowed to have one? Or that we should forcibly sterilize men who indiscriminately spread their seed and do not support the resulting spawn? Is there any argument out there that a man should not have control over all his parts????? That’s what Roe is to me- my body is MINE! Not the state’s, not the church, not my parent’s or husband’s.

And the Left- well they don’t get it either. Global warming? Cap and Tax? Obamacare? DO NOT WANT! So what do you call it when the left tries to force all those things on us? I call it FORCING THEIR VALUES down my throat. Same as the right.

Nuts- they are all nuts. Here in the middle we do our best to keep our utility bills down. The more the left forces extreme environmentalism on the rest of us- the higher the bills go. THANKS FOR NOTHING! We have huge supplies of natural gas here in the USA- those of us in the middle would like to use it thank you very much. The left hates all fossil fuels and wants to force their radical environmentalism on us. The unregulated speculators in energy futures contribute to the ever rising price of basic utilities as well. Go to hell all of you! We in the middle want to be able to go to bed without unplugging every single thing in the house to keep the bill down. Those of us here where there are things like freezing temps and snow would like to keep the heat a tad higher than 62 during the day, would like to be able to sit in the living room without thermal underwear, a t-shirt, overshirt, hooded sweatshirt and blanket. And please don’t tell me about insulation and fancy new windows. Who the hell can afford it? And no it IS NOT my fellow citizen’s job to give up their hard earned money to weatherize my home. We put plastic over the windows and turn the heat down to 55 at night and thank God because it could be worse. A good old fashioned wood stove is looking better and better.

The left and right both use the poor- though in different ways. All those social safety nets? How many of the loony lefties or righteous righties have any clue what it is to be poor? One side peers down from their lofty Ivory Towers and the other from their Citadels of Corporatism and both are so high up they can not see. Tax payer funded welfare programs breed dependency. They trap the recipients in poverty. Where they can be used as a blunt weapon by both sides. Welfare Queens vs Social Justice. Both sides using the same issue as a stick to beat the base. Do I think society should have a method for helping those who have fallen on bad times? Sure- a temporary stop gap while the recipient is taught the skills to get up and out of wrenching poverty. Not a blank check that encourages indiscriminate procreation because the size of the benefits increase with every child. Oh- and a drug test should be mandatory when applying and at intervals thereafter while receiving benefits because drug dependency is destroying whole generations.

In my most humble opinion the left has ruined public education. Perhaps forever. Sorry people- but holding back the smartest children so those less intellectually gifted will not suffer a blow to their self esteem is crapola.  Excusing bad behavior in the classroom does not help the miscreant and certainly does a disservice to those who are well behaved. There are winners and losers and children need to learn it early. In the real world there are no awards for participation. Wonder why our math and science scores are so low? Maybe because we no longer have “divisions” where the smartest kids take more challenging classwork and the kids who are not the best at those subjects go to more basic math and science classes? (Oh- and where their self-esteem  does not suffer because they are grouped with others of similar ability.) We dumbed down the K-12 public education system in the name of social justice and what happened next? The colleges followed suit. Now look at our rankings in math and science compared to the rest of the world and tell me how those psychological leftist policies are working out for us. Why should we expect every child to go to college?

The right and religion. MMkay. STOP IT! This is America and people are free to worship or not as they please-. Be very very careful what you pray for- God might just give it to you.  The Left and religon- STOP IT! This is AMERICA and we are free to worship and believe as we desire. Oh and here’s a big one for you- sharia law has no place here. If folks want to live under sharia they can go to Iran or any of the other muslim theocratic societies. NOT HERE!

Immigration- another issue with which crazies from both sides beat their base. And one where I would bet most of us in the middle just want immigrants to follow the rules. We in the middle want our borders to be safe. We want the laws enforced. We want the Feds to do their job and close the border. We want the Feds to GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY when states like Arizona step up and try to get it done. Oh- and what the hell is up with allowing foreign countries to join in lawsuits against the will of the citizens of a state? Excuse me? Go back to that part about sharia law. Same concept. Foreign laws should have no standing in the US. Do our citizens get the benefit of American law if they are caught breaking the law in Mexico or Iran or Sweden or anywhere else? NOT!

Left and right and the military. Well for those of you on the left who think our military spending is a waste I think you are deluded. Like your freedom? Thank a soldier. Support our troops- period. When the shit hits the fan our troops protect YOU as well. And for those of you on the right who use the military as a source of obscene wealth generation- SHAME ON YOU! The troops protect YOU as well. I understand the argument that there are countries that spend way less on their own defense because we protect them. Is the answer really to just close the bases and bring our troops home? Or is the answer to have our allies pick up a more equitable share of the cost?

So left and right- I think you are BOTH trying to shove your values down our throats. We in the middle just want to work and live and follow the law. We want to go to church, or not, we want our children to learn reading and writing and arithmetic. We want to help our neighbors but we do not want our wealth seized to entrap our neighbors in poverty. We fly the Flag proudly. We support our troops. We love our country. For those of the religious right take a long hard look at the theocratic countries and know this- WE DO NOT WANT! For the far left loons take a long hard look at the old Soviet Union and China and know this- WE DO NOT WANT!

And we have a message for you- we will keep that pendulum swinging both sides in and out of power until the extremists left and right are gone and we get back to the middle.






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  1. Hi, Mom!

    Every single point you brought up has been going through my own mind, wondering if anyone else was seeing things this way.

    Thanks for letting me know I’m not living in some parallel universe 😆

    You would think that the elections in Va, NJ and Upstate NY (not to mention Scott Brown winning Ted “a blonde in every pond” Kennedy’s seat would clue them in, but Nooooooo – the delusion continues.

    Consider it a marxist method of taking a fact and neutralizing it with non-stop propaganda. The joke will be on them in 2012 when (according to my sources) a third-party candidate will steal the show.

    I personally don’t believe anything these days, but I can always hope, right?

  2. Foreign laws should have no standing in the US.

    That’s legislating from the bench for ya.

  3. When judges stop factoring in foreign law (e.g., sharia) into their rulings, they will stop legislating it into our country from their soapbox benches.

  4. A joyous Thankgiving to you and yours, Mom!

  5. Happy belated Thanksgiving! Hope you are hanging in there and at least getting to enjoy your leftovers with family. Hope each day is getting better for you. Good luck with the pain control. May resolution be near.

  6. Great post! Couldn’t agree w/ya more…

    & a happy belated Thanksgiving to you, too – it happens to be my family’s favorite holiday!

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