Will Pennsylvania Be The State That Fires Nancy?

Some days reading the news first thing in the morning is rewarding! Here is what I caught this morning-

Pelosi calls Pennsylvania key to Dem agenda

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, perhaps the country’s most polarizing political figure, warned Monday that Democratic legislative progress during the last two years would be rolled back if Republicans take the House.

That opening line from the article made me laugh and laugh and laugh. “Most polarizing political figure?”  Seems to me I recall that back in 08 Nancy and her cohorts were using that particular line as the excuse for stealing the nomination from the rightful winner- the woman who SHOULD have had the Democratic nomination. Wonder how that’s working out for Nancy now? As for legislative “progress” being rolled back? Well Nancy perhaps we, the people, do not consider unemployment “progressing” from around 8% to hovering around 10% and poverty at the highest rate since the 1960’s to be desirable. Unlike YOU Nancy seeing our country race to debtor’s prison is not “change we can believe in.”

Here is a bit more-

Republican congressional candidates and their allies have made Pelosi a focal point of their campaigns, running ads linking their Democratic opponents to her. None of the region’s four incumbents in her caucus — Jason Altmire, Mark Critz, Kathy Dahlkemper and Mike Doyle — attended Pelosi’s speech.


Many Democrats have tailored their campaigns to highlight their disagreements with Democratic leaders.Altmire’s ads note his votes against Pelosi-backed bills such as the health care overhaul and energy legislation, and he has said he opposes giving Pelosi another term as speaker. He declined comment yesterday.

Yes siree Bob- everybody is running against Nancy out here- even Democrats! Have you all seen this one? We see it forty or fifty times a day. ROFLMAO! And I believe it is an old ad they recycled.

The Speaker used the same old tired Obama mantra- “It’s all Bush’s fault” and threw in the new meme about foreign donations. (Does Nanacy really think we have forgotten her boss’s donations from overseas?

The article says nancy spoke to about 1,000 union women. Seems as if poor Nancy has the same problem as her boss though- she can’t fill a room- so some of the attendees were bussed in- unions are good that way.

“It’s important to put her back in” as speaker, said Charva Jones, 39, a steelworker from Gary, Ind. “I have no doubt at all that steelworkers … are going to do what it takes to keep her in.”

Well Charva- maybe back in Indiana that will fly- not here. The opening salvo when we dumped Specter should have been a warning for the powers that be. No longer is Pennsylvania a union dominated blue state. We remember the disrespect we were shown in the 08. We remember our votes being tossed aside like so much chaff. We also remember what city the fraud was in when he called us bitter clingers- Nancy’s hometown- San Francisco.

Ah what bliss to think that PA- home of the uninformed bitter people clinging to our guns and religion will make our votes count- this time.


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  1. It will be funny when Ms. Pelosi and her cohorts loudly receive the message of disapproval from voters in a few weeks.

    • Slamdunk! Great to hear from you! I have the distinct impression the Dems are in serious denial. Though I did hear a blurb somewhere that nancy may not seek re-election to the Speaker’s seat. Ominous? Please God she doesn’t end up on the presidential ticket in 2012.

  2. Hi PMM, what’s shakin’ kiddo?

    I just read something that said that Sestak is catching up in the polls to about dead even? Is that true or just one of those propaganda polls put out by the Obots?

    I would love nothing more than to see Pelosi’s career end with a boot in the rear and out the door. It’s too bad her own constituency doesn’t end it for her. I will enjoy watching her face as she hands that gavel over to the next Leader of the House. Bwahahahahaha!

    (Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve gotten here…long story and will e-mail you the details. I’m aiming to start the blog up again on November 1st–I just can’t put my life on hold any longer. Thanks for all your support, kiddo. You have no idea how much it meant to me.)

    • {{{{NUNLY!!!!!!}}}}} We missed you! I will look forward to the e-mail! Sestak? Well yeah he is closing in- if they take the polls in Philly- I swear there is kool-aid in the city water there. Out here in bitter hick land? Well we didn’t boot specter to replace him with another fool. What poll was it? I saw Rendell on the tube a day or so ago- and he sounded resigned and he was focusing on how important the governor’s races are. Read between the lines on that one!

  3. Will Pennsylvania Be The State That Fires Nancy?


    Sorry, the bitter clingers to their guns and religion will not be the only ones to hold that distinction. There will be swarms of more ordinary folks across America who will be casting their ballot against the incumbency. It is the out-of-touch elitists that have convinced themselves and many far left, that theirs is the best agenda.

    When the country speaks on Nov 2, a message will be sent.

    Early voting has started already……..

  4. I’m a bit concerned over the large numbers of Dems voting in the early vote. I hate the thought that they may be able to squeak out a win because they managed to get enough illegals to cast an early vote that won’t be scrutinized. I felt a lot better about our chances of knocking the Dems on their collective asses two weeks ago. I hope that we see extremely large numbers of voters who want to truly drain this swamp at the polls on Nov. 2.

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