More! We Need More of this!

There is a public area that has a c ode of conduct! Hooray! We need more of this- much, much more!

Code of Conduct

Appropriate attire at all times. Shirt and shoes are required – No exposed underwear, hats worn backwards, dew rags, baggy pants below waist, brimless hats, bandanas, or gang colors.

Wow- go read the whole thing. I would like to see every mall and shopping center institute a similar policy. No rowdiness allowed. No groups of teenagers blocking the paths and intimidating the paying customers!

Wait- there’s more! A parental escort policy! No dropping your hoodlums off here! They’re your spawn- you control them- this is not a babysitting operation!

Parental Escort Policy

We welcome all youth to Louisiana Boardwalk.

The Parental Escort Policy requires that children age 16 and under may not remain in the public space of the Boardwalk after 8pm Monday-Sunday, unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian over the age of 21.

Kudos to the Louisiana Boardwalk! If I lived in the area I would definitely patronize the shops. Provided the economic recovery ever gets to me.

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